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Who? HOK Sport (now known as Populous)

As the world’s leading sports architecture firm, HOK Sport’s tradition of innovation has transformed the way people have experienced sporting events for nearly 25 years.

“We are constantly encouraging our team to take on new and exciting challenges. This has culminated in the design of the world’s most iconic sports, civic and entertainment buildings.”

“We conceived the design vocabulary used in today’s ballparks, stadiums and arenas, and we continue to chart an inventive course for tomorrow’s venues. Our global client list is diverse and comprehensive, and it includes 24 Major League Baseball franchises, 30 NFL franchises, 80 professional and civic arena clients, 40 soccer and rugby teams and 120 colleges and universities. Our reach is worldwide. Our passion is undeniable. And we approach the architecture of sport unlike anyone else.”

HOK Sport has a qualified, knowledgeable team of sustainable design experts ready to work with its clients to achieve their green design goals.


HOK Sport Venue Event celebrates a new beginning in 2009 as an independently-owned design firm. They plan to launch a new corporate brand [Populous].

HOK Sport Venue Event is one of the world’s leading design firms. Their focus is the creation of exceptional gathering spaces, from stadiums and arenas to convention centres and amphitheatres, with such recent projects as the new Yankee Stadium in New York; the Olympic Stadium for the London 2012 Olympics; Nanjing Sports Park in China; Suncorp Stadium in Australia; and Phoenix Convention Centre in Arizona.

The firm also has made a worldwide mark managing many aspects of the events themselves, from Olympic Games to Super Bowls. Their architects and event managers are the world’s finest and most experienced, drawing from the combined expertise of more than 825 projects with construction value exceeding $20 billion.

HOK Sport Venue Event has 500 employees in offices located at Kansas City, London, Brisbane, Denver, Nashville, Knoxville, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong.


POPULOUS – drawing people together www.populous.com


HOK Sport in association with Jasmax has been developing the design for the proposed multipurpose stadium at Dunedin.

HOK Sport hopes the fully covered, natural grass stadium will be a world first. Achieving this requires the development of a design that will allow as much natural light as possible onto the field of play, to assist with the growing of a natural turf pitch. The building’s envelope is envisaged as a mix of Zincalume, glass and ETFE (the material used to striking effect on Beijing’s Water Cube).



Fast Company magazine, one of the US’ leading publications for reporting on the new global economy, ranked HOK Sport as one of the top 10 innovators in sports. 11 February 2009.


The London 2012 Stadium will be the flagship venue for the Olympic Games as the eyes of the world turn to London in three years time. The Stadium is at the heart of the Olympic Park. During the Games it will accommodate 80,000 spectators, and after the Games the Stadium will transform to a capacity of 25,000.

HOK Sport has the challenge of creating the temporary and the permanent at the same time – that is the essence of “our stadium”. A new era of Olympic Stadium design will be launched in 2012, demonstrating how a successful event can be blended with the long term needs of a community.

For more information, visit www.London2012.com


About HOK Group

An employee-owned firm, HOK is among the world’s most diverse and acclaimed architectural design practices. Founded in 1955, the firm plans and designs buildings, communities, cities and regions worldwide.

“In today’s world, where environmental issues and energy efficiency are at the forefront of political discussions, we are setting trends in the current market. Inspired by a healthy view to the future, we are designing award-winning buildings whose physical performance responds to these issues.”

HOK is a pioneer and leader in developing resources and expertise to help lead the world toward sustainable communities and building environments.

Through its collaborative network of 26 regional offices, the firm serves diverse clients within the corporate, commercial, public and institutional markets.

Recent projects include the Col. H. Weir Cook Terminal at the new Indianapolis International Airport; Los Angeles County + University of Southern California Medical Center; King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST) in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia; Lavasa Hill Station development in Maharashtra, India; and Samsung Global Engineering Headquarters in Seoul, Korea.


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Who? Arrow International Ltd

As Development Managers and Project Managers, Arrow has been at the vanguard of the Otago stadium development over the last two years.

“Dunedin City Council’s 17 March 2008 decision to give the new multi-purpose stadium the green light is a major step towards developing what will be the world’s first permanently enclosed grass playing field. It will also set the benchmark in terms of viewing standards, its multi-purpose nature and its integration of a university with the stadium.”

“We acknowledge an exceptional consultant team who share the vision and have accepted the challenge: HOK, Jasmax, SKM, Rawlinsons, Connell Wagner, Anderson Lloyd Lawyers, Holmes Fire & Safety, Beca, Sports Surface Design & Management, Acoustic Engineering Services, Context Urban Design, Rider Levett Bucknell, Davis Langdon, David Hamilton, Tonkin & Taylor, Horwarth HTL, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, The Marketing Bureau and Colmar Brunton.”


At Arrow we Plan, Manage and Build Capital Works Projects throughout Australasia and the Pacific.

Our focus is on the delivery of complex projects or projects with time, cost, or quality requirements beyond that normally achieved in the industry.

We deliver successful projects by combining our building skills with active design management, co-ordination of project drivers and respect for the clients’ feasibility.

Added to this is the essential ingredient for great projects – a great team.

* 10 Branches or area offices
* Over 200 staff
* Annual turnover over $200M
* Over 1,500 projects delivered
* ISO 9001, “Best Places to Work” 2005 & 2006
* Tertiary level ACC Health & Safety Procedures



100 Year Company
Our vision is to be the most outstanding company in the history of New Zealand’s construction industry.

Client Focus
When we use the word ‘Partner’, it is not lip service.
Real client focus starts with truly understanding the clients’ objectives, challenging those understandings and then driving the project team to achieve or better the outcomes.

A strong culture is not optional for success, it is essential.
Culture nurtures and guides the behaviours, attitude and energy of our Team, whether in remote sites or on the end of a phone. It is an essential part of ensuring the Arrow promise.

20% More Value
20% of value is lost from most projects.
The construction industry loses significant value through poor planning, poorly selected teams, lack of integration between feasibility / design / construction and lack of leadership. Arrow can address these factors. In spite of the concrete and steel outcomes, the construction industry is all about people. To get real success, the process must be led by people leaders.

We Are Our People
Arrow has a unique culture with a family atmosphere. It’s not a corporate machine.
Whether as Strategy Managers, Project Managers or Site Managers, Arrow people have been selected for their communication skills, honesty, energy and ability to lead. There may even be a touch of “mongrel” in there to break through some of the inertia that exists in the industry.


Arrow works with clients in four ways:

Project Delivery Partner
As Project Delivery Partner, we join the clients’ team at the project’s early stages and provide a single point of responsibility for the project delivery; integrating feasibility; design and construction. Contract formats include:

* Project and Construction Management
* Staged: Project Management & Guaranteed Maximum Price
* Design Build
* Alliancing

Strategy Management
Independently of our Project Delivery Team, Arrow provides a Strategy Management service that assesses and maximises a projects viability. Specific services include:

* Strategy Planning
* Value and Risk Management
* Feasibilities
* Needs and Market Analysis
* Due Diligence
* Development Reports

Project & Programme Management
In a pure project management role, Arrow uses its skills and awareness of both feasibilities and construction to drive the project to achieve clients’ objectives.

* Consultant Selection
* Design Management
* Value Engineering
* Risk Management
* Programming
* Procurement Strategies
* Project Leadership

Where Arrow is involved later in the design process, we offer the design awareness, client focus and accountability that is our trademark. Contract formats include:

* Construction Management
* Management Contracting
* P&G and Margin
* Design and Build
* Guaranteed Maximum Price



There is no single right project delivery approach. Each client and project needs to find an approach that optimises the risk and return position appropriate to it.

We tailor each project delivery process to find the risk and return balance suitable for that project.

We build teams that recognise and respect the unique contribution of all participants. We create an environment of transparency that in particular recognises the client’s right and need to directly influence design and have direct access to independent financial information.

The most important part of the project is the front end. The right team, with the right focus can add significant value to a project and give real certainty at the projects early stages.

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Political Satire – Yeah Right

From the ODT after the unauthorised “Yeah Right” anti-stadium kerfuffel.

“Tui – owned by DB Breweries – occasionally granted permission for others to use its brand.
However, Mr Bear said in this case the company was “not aware of it, and definitely wouldn’t sign off on it being used for those purposes”

So up at the Oval Tui has posted a billboard something along the lines “If we pay for the stadium, do we get free tickets – yeah right”.

Ironic then that an official Tui billboard engaging the very topic has turned up at the Oval. In the light of Tui becoming involved in the political debate, here’s a selection of Tui-takes. It’s no surprise that Tui has become a player in this game, it’s a brand that likes pushing limits(?), but to become involved, opens them up to fair political satire don’t you think.





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