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A meeting…donations to what

No-one on Dunedin’s café circuit has a clue about the purpose of the StS public meeting. StS won’t elaborate on its press release about it. The StS email to members contained doomsday sentences. Public meeting = a complete mystery.

Was it a woe-is-us gathering, wringing hands in front of ‘Norma’ at Town Hall. Or girding of loins and muscle for action. What action – was it nice enough just to meet, chew the fat. Past-tense idea, all up. To Latin then: Rehash status quo ad nauseum.


Challenge to the local rag – run mock ‘citizens referendum’ in your entertainment pages before prophesied meeting.

Hmmm. What questions sell most papers.

1. Have you full confidence in your local councils’ handling of the stadium project? a) DCC Yes/No/Don’t know b) ORC Yes/No/Don’t know.
2. Want the stadium at any cost? Yes/No/Don’t know
3. Want to pay for boys club stadium via your rates. Yes/No/Don’t know
4. Sigh. Does Dunedin feel like a banana republic most days? Yes/No/Don’t know
5. If you live in Otago, is Dunedin the place for your dollars? Yes/No/Don’t know
6. No question. You can’t afford a seat at the stadium. Yes/Yes/Yes

Fill out the form provided with your responses and mail to PO Box ‘We are the citizens’ voice’; or email and text to… We’ll publish the results on Friday 27 March.


BTW. You answered in such numbers no public meeting is necessary. With your message of non support the Councils have struck the stadium off the books except to pay all outstanding bills to 31 March 2009.

Note: Councillors, your faithful servants, are hell-bent on restoring your confidence for period to the next local body elections. Not sure they’ll survive office, can but try. Sincere apologies for distress caused by run-away empire building tendencies and monopoly: “Won’t happen again”, they said.

Explanation: At What if? we dream.


[poster] “Admission Free. Donations Welcome.” Excuse us, donations to what, for what. Why.

People, open your eyes. Ask LOTS of questions.


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StS loses speaker for meeting

### ODT Online Sat, 21 Mar 2009
Keogh opts out of anti-stadium meeting

By David Loughrey and Edith Schofield

Environment Southland chief executive Ciaran Keogh has pulled out of Stop the Stadium’s meeting this month, and announced his recent anti-stadium opinion piece in the Otago Daily Times was not written in his professional capacity.

Read More Online Here…

Full ODT link

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Environment Southland media release

As received this morning by What if?

[Environment Southland letterhead]

CEO’s Stadium Comments Made in Private Capacity

Comments by Environment Southland Chief Executive Ciaran Keogh about the proposed stadium in Dunedin have been made in his private capacity as an individual and an Otago ratepayer, Environment Southland Chairman Stuart Collie said today.

The Otago Daily Times published an opinion piece by Mr Keogh about the proposed stadium development earlier this month. Mr Keogh had also been invited to take part in a public debate in Dunedin on Sunday, but has decided to withdraw.

Mr Collie said that the media had linked Mr Keogh with Environment Southland in relation to the stadium debate but that Mr Keogh had never purported to be commenting in his capacity as Chief Executive and had made it clear that he was expressing personal opinions.

“Environment Southland has not discussed the proposed stadium or its funding and our council has no official position one way or the other on the issue. It is not for this Council to comment on developments in a neighbouring region and Ciaran has never suggested that his comments were in any way reflective of this Council’s position,” Mr Collie said.

Mr Keogh said while he had expressed his own views in regard to the stadium debate, some had been unable to separate his personal opinions from his official position and to avoid any ambiguity, he had decided not to attend the meeting in Dunedin on Sunday.


20 March 2009
Contact Stuart Collie for further comment, 03 211 5115


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