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DCC adopts Stadium Plan Change

At the extraordinary meeting today Council adopted Plan Change 8 – Stadium as expected. It really had no option not to. The vote was on the voices, no-one said ‘no’ but the Mayor diplomatically resisted the temptation to say ‘unanimously’.

The recommendation on the ‘late item for consideration’ was amended. The Subcommittee (Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Cr Wilson and Chief Executive Jim Harland) has been authorised to consider the contract with Hawkins Construction Limited and other consultants and make a recommendation to Council for consideration.

Jim Harland’s report to Council, ‘Delegations to Subcommittee’ (16 March 2009). Read here

### ODT Online Tue, 17 Mar 2009
Late changes to process of awarding stadium contract

A full meeting of the Dunedin City Council will vote whether to approve a contract with Hawkins Construction to build Dunedin’s new stadium, a vote expected to be the final decision on the project. The council voted for that outcome yesterday at an extraordinary meeting, after Mayor Peter Chin moved to change an original recommendation to leave the decision in the hands of a subcommittee.

The venues hire and licence agreement subcommittee will, though, have final approval on hire agreements for the stadium between the Otago Rugby Football Union and the Carisbrook Stadium Trust, and on the sale and purchase of Carisbrook.

At the meeting, Mr Chin put forward changes to a recommendation that would have allowed the subcommittee, set up behind closed doors last month, to approve the contracts. He changed a recommendation to one where the subcommittee would be given the power to consider the contract, then make a recommendation to be considered by the council.

The meeting voted to approve the recommendation, and added the university’s contract to what would be considered by the council.

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### Channel 9 March 16, 2009 – 6:17pm
Plan Change Helps New Multi-Million Dollar Stadium Project To Go Ahead

Although they’re waiting for formal confirmation, the Carisbrook Stadium Trust says it’s great news.

See story


Just a query. Has DCC got a signed contract with ORFU? And one with University of Otago? Or not.

We know, details details…but please, let’s get those conditions sorted if “we’re” going to do this.

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**A Call to Action**

{Sorry this has nothing (or does it) to do with the Stadium development, but it is too important to not put up on this site.  Here’s hoping that the many visitors to this site each day take the time to email those in power to get them to commit to such a wonderful initiative.}


Dear Colleagues, Students and Supporters.

You will know that the Polytechnic and Otago University are bringing their design departments together to form a new Otago Institute of Design. By pooling our expertise and resources we are creating a centre of excellence for design right here in Dunedin. This initiative will also take collaboration between design educators across NZ and the design industry to a new level, for instance, with our high-tech prototype and modeling facility that will be the most comprehensive currently available in Australasia.
The Otago Institute of Design will be sited at the old Wickliffe Site in Albany Street, Dunedin

However, this project is now at risk. Otago Polytechnic’s contribution of $12.5M to construction of the Otago Institute of Design building was to be funded by a Central Government loan.

The suspensory loan had reached its final stages of approval. However, the Government now appears to be reconsidering whether to provide this loan at all. We appreciate that there are many demands for Government support, but our message is that for the sake of design, and for the Otago region industries, and NZ generally, building this Design Institute is a priority.
Without this funding the building cannot go ahead.

By funding this project, the Government will ensure that we can:
. Make the most of all of the money and effort invested in the Otago Institute of Design so far
. Provide an immediate boost for local jobs and the economy through the building of the Institute.
. Produce graduates who have studied within one of NZ’s most innovative design environments and can help drive the long-term future of design in New Zealand.

We urgently need your messages of support to reach key Government Ministers responsible for this decision, encouraging them to fund the project. We need you to act now. We have said that this project has great community support, but we need the Government to know this is not just an assertion by Otago Polytechnic.

If you are willing to help, please spare just a few of minutes to write a letter or an email – we need business and personal support:

Email the Minister of Finance Hon. Bill English
and Prime Minister, Hon John Key
and let them know that this is a must do project for design and for Dunedin City.
Please cc. Hon Anne Tolley, Minister for Education
and bc. to Phil Ker, CEO Otago Polytechnic

Below are some points you might like to draw on, but the key messages which we need to get across are:

  • The building is much-needed infrastructure for the Otago Institute of Design (and will create space to allow important developments in the wider Polytechnic and University campus)
  • The creative industries are important to the economic future of Dunedin and the whole of New Zealand
  • There has already been significant investment by government in the development of design in Dunedin (see attachment: $6.27 million). Dunedin can be a centre of design excellence, and we are well on the way – lets not stop that progress.
  • Dozens of Otago and New Zealand wide businesses and institutions have already given much support to this – we do not want to see them let down

Alistair Regan



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