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Online: DCC Draft Community Plan 2009/10 – 2018/19

The Draft Community Plan 2009/10 – 2018/19 is available for public consultation until Wednesday 15 April 2009.

The Draft Community Plan 2009/10 – 2018/19 contains information about community outcomes and what the council intends to do over the next 10 years.

The consultation period is your opportunity to “Have Your Say” about what you want to see included in the Council’s plans for the next 10 years.

Link to Draft LTCCP

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New agenda item, Monday's DCC Extraordinary Meeting

Dunedin City councillors received a notice on Friday evening (13 March 2009) to add a new item to the agenda for an Extraordinary meeting to be held on Monday 16 March.

The item concerns delegating the power to sign the contract with Hawkins Construction Ltd to a committee of Mayor, Deputy Mayor and one other councillor (Wilson). This is on white papers but is not available online as they have only just been sent out.

The public has had little warning.


The only practical way of slowing the stadium project for some rational debate is a judicial review of the decision of Council not to consult on the stadium through the LTCCP process, on the basis that the project has increased by $10 million at least and the likely effect it will have on especially commercial landlords in a time of economic downturn – no tenants, no income.

The requirements to consult are in the Local Govt Act 2002 Part 6 and specifically s83 and below.

The Council decided not to wait for the LTCCP to be consulted on as the stadium project was consulted on last year BUT with promises as to funding – which we all know were not met, but having not been met we say don’t worry about your extra liability we will carry on anyway!

Getting the Council to change its mind (??) albeit as this did not come out in the LTCCP will require consultation to be done separately now.


Council Meeting – Extraordinary meeting

The Extraordinary Council Meeting will be held on 16 March 2009 at 1.45pm.

When: 16th Mar 2009 –
Where: Edinburgh Room, Municipal Chambers

Open to the public unless otherwise indicated


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