Gurglars visits the Delta/Noble JV subdivision at Yaldhurst

Received from Gurglars
14/02/2017 9:07 p.m.

yaldhurst14-2-17-1George Noble Rd, Yaldhurst

yaldhurst14-2-17-2Who wants to live near power lines? They run right through the subdivision.

yaldhurst14-2-17-3No one is working at Yaldy, this glass has been on the road for a long time.

yaldhurst14-2-17-5A digger strategically placed to suggest action – reality, inaction.

yaldhurst14-2-17-4The crowning glory – unbelievable, no ads for Yaldhurst sales but an ad on the property for a subdivision near Pegasus!

whatifdunedin replies:
Nearby subdivisions sold well with power lines and pylons…
Weird mentality at CHC.

That hoarding (not that old… months only) originally featured marketing for the commercial area at the Yaldhurst subdivision. Recently pasted over with Infinity’s other project.

[“Ravenswood, half an hour north of Christchurch, is being offered for sale by developer Infinity Investment Group, which says the project is too big for it.” See last note at (28.3.15) Stuff: Gloomy outlook for solar housing in Christchurch; and (9.8.16) Stuff: Work to begin on Ravenswood development after sale abandoned.]


Received from Gurglars
2017/02/15 at 6:51 am

News Flash
The word on the street is that a well-heeled solid respectable group offered $12,000,000 actual cash, money, moolah, for Yaldhurst.
The idiotii accepted a notional nonexistent $13million from a $1000 capitalised company who have subsequently made no moves towards repair, consents, or even inspected their new purchase.
If they have inspected it, one would have thought they would clean glass from the road (been there so long it’s almost fused and embedded). Maybe they would have mowed the grass? Or perhaps they would have found the keys to the lone token digger. Having commenced these $5 dollar cleanups they may have been able to put a sign up advertising the properties.
And why is activity important to a Dunedin ratepayer or councillor?
Because honey, we do not get any money until they sell profitable sections.
That’s why the $12,000,000 cash was the only offer that the idiotii should have accepted and folks that’s why you do NOT elect Greens, flakes and dreamers, because it’s your money they have, and will enjoy wasting.

whatifdunedin replies:
Your point is well made, Gurglars. But. It’s much more complicated than that. Seller was the buyer. And we have Graham Crombie (accountant!) as middle man, we wonder who he is really working for, Gordon Stewart? Justin Prain? Murray Frost? Previously/still, Stuart McLauchlan? Who.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.


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5 responses to “Gurglars visits the Delta/Noble JV subdivision at Yaldhurst

  1. Gurglars

    Seller was the Buyer??

    Are you saying that Delta bought it from Delta and that the sale was a sham?

    Surely the auditor general would find that not only incongruous and illegal, but in fact fraud?

  2. Calvin Oaten

    Only one man is in the position to clear the air on this, or… confirm the disaster. That is the DCHL chair Graham Crombie. He has sat in on all the deliberations as well. The man is as good as being away, all along on this issue. I wonder why.

  3. Numbers game

    Any movement with that digger Gurglars?

    • Farmer

      I attended the South Island Ag Field days at Kirwee last week – this meant driving out the West Coast road past the stalled Yaldhurst subdivision. I have to say those power lines sure dominate one side of it – they are quite low slung and presumably some houses would be built directly underneath them. Quite unlike anything you would see in Dunedin.
      Does anyone know exactly where the legal process is at present? Who is taking who to court and what is the timeline for the case to be heard?
      All in all it was a depressing sight, in stark contrast to the developments and construction that are everywhere you look. It defies belief that the architects of this monumental stuff up (DCHL and Delta CEOs, and Boards) have never been held to account. And it appears that they never will. Funny how people get very financially irresponsible when they are playing games with other people’s money.

      {Thanks for your interest. Over the last couple of years, What if? has been in frequent contact with persons involved and badly affected by the Yaldhurst debacle at Christchurch. This is reflected in posts and comments that also include direct comments and updates from one of the caveators (a neighbour) of the original Noble subdivision. The caveators are taking a Constructive Fraud action in the Christchurch High Court against several parties – Delta has been named by joinder in the action. The discovery process is in swing. Other action may follow.
      Hilary Calvert has made a formal complaint to the Auditor-General in regards to Dunedin City Holdings Ltd’s briefing provided to Dunedin City councillors on 1 August 2016 (see an earlier post) resulting in an unsecured loan to Infinity Yaldhurst Ltd, a shelf company. The complaint is processing.
      The owner of this website as well as CD (Christchurch Driver) are investigating behind scenes as always.
      A number of LGOIMA official information requests have been lodged with DCC, DCHL and Delta – and more will follow.
      For further updates please see earlier posts and comments – enter *yaldhurst* in the search box at right. -Eds}

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