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Shudder : Aurora Energy programme leader likely delusional #retestingpoles

[OR, What to do when Grady Cameron’s much vaunted $30million project sum doesn’t exist anywhere except on Mars]

Defining dangerous workplaces and public disaster —with the largest, most ‘shocking’ capital D. No one has to Die in the plantation… but the level of unknowing company management tells us the risk is too high.


[Say what?]

The programme needed to be based on “science and engineering” and not perception. –Godfrey Brosnan

### ODT Online Sat, 11 Feb 2017
Aurora affected by pole, staff shortages
By Vaughan Elder
Aurora Energy might not replace the number of poles it promised as part of its $30million fast-tracked scheme. In a wide-ranging interview with the Otago Daily Times, the man tasked with leading the programme, Godfrey Brosnan, accepted it might not be possible to replace by December all 2910 poles included in the original target.

“I’m not going to get into the tennis match with [former programme director Jarrod Stewart] and Richard [Healey]. All I can say is what my approach is. “What you do is you just race for it. You plant poles — you plant poles at speed but with safety and that’s going to be the approach.”

….The programme was starting next week, 20 days ahead of schedule … Mr Brosnan was unapologetic about the fact Aurora would re-test poles and not replace any deemed up to scratch … “One thing that the public needs to realise and I had to realise as well, is some of these wooden poles are ugly, but it doesn’t mean to say they are falling down.”
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ODT Online Thu, 29 Dec 2016
Director for $30m pole project
By Vaughan Elder
Lines company Aurora Energy has appointed a director to oversee its $30.25million pole replacement programme. Two memos sent to staff at Aurora’s sister company, Delta, before Christmas have been leaked to the Otago Daily Times. One is from chief executive Grady Cameron and the other from newly appointed chairman Steve Thompson. Mr Cameron outlined progress on the company’s accelerated plan to replace nearly 3000 poles in Aurora’s electricity network which is spread across Dunedin, Central Otago and the Queenstown Lakes area. He emphasised the scale of the job, saying it would be “one of the largest construction projects in Otago during 2017”. Godfrey Brosnan had been appointed programme director and would report directly to Mr Cameron. “Godfrey is an experienced project manager with a background in complex capital works,” he said. Mr Brosnan’s appointment comes after previous director Jarrod Stewart resigned.
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