Delta/Aurora/DCHL corporate whitewash #dangerousnetwork

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Tue, 1 Nov 2016 at 3:30 p.m.

Anyone of sound mind will see that, as widely predicted, a vacuous tissue of lies and fabrication has flooded the media, with a SUDDEN dollop of RATES spend foretold – dished by the Ugly wide boys to the sound of chortles in repair from Our Enchained Melody (his worship).

ODT didn’t believe it either.

But those wheeling creatures.
Douglas Field starts in gently….

Satirical comment on the future of a Dunedin ‘owned’ utility company, and its imminent demise. Oct 31, 2016


Loss of “public confidence”…. [understatement]

In an interview, Mr Cull said he had no problem with spending an extra $26 million to fix a public perception issue.

### ODT Online Tue, 1 Nov 2016
$30.25m to replace poles
By Vaughan Elder
Aurora Energy has approved a $30.25 million programme to replace close to 3000 power poles but its chief executive is refusing to admit any fault over the way the network has been managed. Aurora Energy and Delta chief executive Grady Cameron […] said the claims that led to the loss of confidence – that lives were at risk from dangerous power poles and the two council-owned companies put profits ahead of health and safety – were wrong. He admitted no fault in his management, saying the network was ageing, but safe.
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“My only wish is that he had taken the opportunity to come and speak to me directly, because I think if he had recognised the conversations that I was having with the board directly, he might have felt slightly different about what our plans were.” –Grady Cameron

Whistleblower Richard Healey was stunned by Mr Cameron’s response and questioned why Aurora would spend tens of millions of dollars to fix an issue which it said did not exist. “It’s utter rubbish,” Mr Healey said. […] He had tried to stay away from “personal” attacks, but was now willing to call on Mr Cameron to “man up” and resign.

T R U T H F U L ● R E A D I N G

Comments posted at this website the day after Story (TV3 Newshub 19.10.16) broke the news about Delta/Aurora’s dangerous poles:

Richard Healey
October 20, 2016 at 8:46 am
Thanks for the support, it’s been a difficult few years, but the last few weeks have been the worst. Here’s a clip from a post I made on Facebook to give my former colleagues some background. My primary concern in all of this has been to keep everyone safe. No more tragedies like the death of Roger Steel.
I appreciate the support but I really had no option. In the last six years I’ve seen live high voltage lines sit on the ground for two days in the grounds of a major tourist attraction – and another set alive 600mm off the ground inside a property where you can look over the fence and see a yard full of kids toys.
I’ve seen thousands of poles that could kill my work mates, and I’ve seen one of them die on one of those poles.
In the past 15 months I’ve watched as the number of those really dodgy structures has increased by more than 1000. The crunch came for me when I realised that probably 2000 of those poles should have been fitted with “warning, DO NOT CLIMB” tags – but they were missing.
Discovering those missing tags made my gut churn. In December 2010 Roger Steel, one of the world’s good buggers died after climbing a pole that was missing a red tag. Both the District Court and the Coroner cited the missing danger tag as a significant factor in Steelo’s death.
The obvious thing to do first was to put out a safety alert to Delta staff. I was told not to do that, my voice was seen as too negative and, in any case, it was the asset management team’s role to put out the alert. I was asked to get one of the other guys to request that an alert be sent out urgently.
I kept pushing for the alert to go out, at that stage I thought around 1000 poles were affected. Nothing happened. Finally, I got the opportunity to raise the issue in an operations meeting. I was told that the Network Operations Manager would write an alert. Scot Jefferries pointed out that I’d written one already but was ignored. He pointed out a second time that an alert had already been drafted. Eventually I was asked to send through my alert and informed that it would be used as the basis of the final release.
Here’s where it gets really disturbing, This is what I said in my Safety Alert:
“During a recent ICAM it became apparent that a large number of poles (probably less than 1000) have been tested and been found to be “Condition 1” – but no red tag has been applied to them”
This is what the alert that the company issued said:
“It was identified during a recent ICAM that some poles assessed as being defective may not have been Red tagged in accordance with Aurora procedures.”
“Have been found” turned into “may not” – “probably less than 1000” turned into “some poles”. The effect is pretty obvious, the guys were free to believe that a few poles might not have been tagged as opposed to a 1000-odd were definitely not tagged. I was pretty upset.
But it got worse, we sent crews out to apply the missing tags. Asset Management found out that we were doing that and told us to stop. They were creating a software tool to capture the data about what poles we were applying the tags to. We pointed out that we were capturing the poles and the tagging teams were logging all the data on a form which they signed. No problem you might think, the data can be loaded into the new software from the forms when it is eventually developed.
Problem, we were told to stop immediately and that we wouldn’t be paid for the work; when asked to put it in writing, they did!
Then it got worse. While out looking for a site to install some equipment I found a pole that the GIS (the system that holds all the information about the plant that makes up the network) said was Condition 5 (good for many decades) had a red tag on it. The red tag was legitimate, that pole was buggered.
It was then that I figured out that the data that the pole inspectors had gathered was being reassessed, after some software changes, and that the the condition ratings of hundreds of poles had been changed as a result. I wrote some notes. Here’s a sample (condition 0 means so bad you must replace it in 3 months, condition 6 is essentially a brand new pole):
“Pole 12680
This 72% degraded, 44 year old pole was Deuar tested on 19/06/2015, rated as condition 0 and red tagged. It also carries a remaining life assessment of 30 years. One week later it was reassessed and the rating went from 0 to 6. One month after that it was again reassessed and went from condition 6 to condition 1. Finally, on 19/08/2015 the condition assessment went from 1 to condition 6. ”
Those notes were taken to the CEO, he cancelled the meeting. I wrote to him, he has never replied, I quit, we are here today.

Richard Healey
October 20, 2016 at 8:57 am
I forgot to mention it, but on my last day at Delta two more poles fell down, both in Alexandra area. It looks to me like the company has failed to tag around two thousand poor condition poles, but the final number won’t be known until the end of the month. That’s the bad news, the good news is that crews are out there now nailing those tags to poles all over Dunedin and Central Otago.
My advice is this, if you’re dropping your kids off at school and notice the poles outside have suddenly sprouted red “do not climb” tags then ring Delta and ask about the condition of those poles and the risk they may pose to you and your kids. If a red tag suddenly appears on the pole outside your house, do the same thing.
Don’t be put off with a standard “the company takes your wellbeing very seriously” answer. Ask for specific information, when was the problem first identified, how long does Aurora have under the Electricity Safety regulations 2010, regulation 41 to replace the structure, what do I need to do to stay safe, what are the penalties that apply if Aurora fails in its primary duty of care?

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12 responses to “Delta/Aurora/DCHL corporate whitewash #dangerousnetwork

  1. If Hillary Clinton who is being asked to resign will not until 9th November, do you think such people as mentioned above will resign? I don’t think, so but will be very happy to be proved wrong.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Raymond, sometimes “health reasons” crop up unexpectedly, and not always inconveniently.
      “Courageously battling F.I.T.H. Syndrome” – the headline we’re waiting for.

      For those out of touch with diagnostic shorthand – I is for in, H is for head, professional ethics / patient confidentiality / commercial sensitivity / Official Secrets Act prevent further explanation.

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    ODT is “manning up” at last. Richard Healey is receiving the credit, admiration and gratitude he deserves – even in our local newspaper! It appears to be getting over being Cull, DCC & Associates’ bitch. On its knees was an undignified position, puts off subscribers and advertisers too.

    I wonder if this welcome stance of Courage In The Community will include giving Lee Vandervis full credit for every warning, every eminently sensible suggestion he has been slammed for in the ODT and in Council.

  3. Lyndon Weggery

    How does this latest announcement fit in with Aurora’s AMP 2016. Are they suddenly going to accelerate the other urgent issues highlighted in that Plan like upgrading Andersons Bay Substation switching gear and the 33KV poles that need replacing?

  4. Elizabeth

    We should all consult the tooth fairy according to Cull, Crombie and Cameron.

  5. Peter

    Here we see yet another failure in leadership by the three C’s. No attempt to take responsibility, apologise for gross mismanagement, and for heads to roll. A blatant attempt to tough it out by recasting the story of what has happened. Thoroughly disgusting behaviour by these men…..sorry…I mean sub humans.
    Too much has been revealed for them to attain any credibility, respect and forgiveness.
    Let’s not forget Delta has killed one man and it is only by the grace of God there have been no more tragedies.
    I spit on them.

  6. Elizabeth

    Since quitting his job, Richard Healey has been inundated with emails and he says the support has been overwhelming.

    ### Tue, 1 Nov 2016 at 6:51 p.m.
    The Story
    Dangerous power poles whistleblower still shaking loose poles
    By Jendy Harper
    A fortnight on, whistleblower Richard Healey is still shaking loose poles and rattling the company in charge of replacing them. Mr Healey claims he took Delta CEO Grady Cameron to show him the state of one particular wobbly pole three years ago. But on last night’s show, Mr Cameron says he only remembered one visit and it wasn’t the same one.
    ….The company has revealed $30 million will be allocated to have the overdue 3000 poles replaced by the end of 2017. […] The company will need four-times the amount of workers to make this happen in time.
    █ Watch the Video for the full Story report

    • Gurglars

      One of the important attributes of a bullshitting politician is a bad memory. Cull’s got it, Grady Cameron clearly has a form of dementia, and Chris Staynes remembers he’s responsible for the business success of Dunedin. He’s even forgotten the empty shops, the loss of Hillside workshops, Invermay and others. He’s got real memory loss.

  7. Elizabeth

    Has Delta/Aurora got the money to shell out for the new poles And four-times the amount of workers.

  8. Greta Good

    IF the new programme progresses as ‘planned’ and the 3000 dangerous-but-totally-safe poles currently on the books are replaced by December 2017, there will be about another 1000 identified over the period between now and then to address. I understand that Grady confirmed this with staff today. Failed to mention that in his interview with Vaughn Elder….funny that. This is no time for celebration or relaxing public vigilance where sub-standard poles are concerned. In fact, I would go so far as to say it is negligent in the extreme to encourage the public to consider these structures as ‘safe’. But then we have already seen how easily blood washes from the hands of the special, talented, cleverest people.

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