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Delta/Aurora neglect, letters to ODT

ODT 5.11.16 (page 30)


ODT 5.11.16 (page 30)


ODT 1.11.16 (page 6)


█ Now we know Mr Stephens, ex DCC CFO of the infamous ‘Jim Harland stadium years’, has moved to Queenstown Lakes like the rest of the Good Old Boys. How interesting. The location hasn’t improved his sense of decorum at all.


2.11.16 ODT: History shows power to the people lost
Delta’s woes will be shared with Central Otago, writes Nick Loughnan. What Central Otago once owned with its electricity assets, and was forced to give up, is still fresh in the minds of many of its residents as the operations of Dunedin City Council-owned Delta come under the spotlight yet again after a very courageous and selfless call on public safety by one of its senior employees. A little history will explain how. Cont/

29.10.16 ODT Editorial: The rot must stop
The Companies Act 1993 imposes a number of obligations on companies and their directors. How a company operates is also determined by its constitution — if it has one. A constitution sets out the rights, powers and duties of the company, the board, each director and each shareholder. A director of a company must not act, or agree to the company acting, in a manner that contravenes the Act or the constitution of the company. The Act says directors are responsible for managing the company’s day-to-day business. Directors must act honestly, in what they believe to be the best interests of the company, and with such care as may reasonably be expected of them in all the circumstances. Directors must not carry on the business in a manner likely to create a substantial risk of serious loss to the company’s creditors — reckless trading. Exactly what this involves will vary from company to company and for Dunedin City Council-controlled Delta, Aurora and Dunedin City Holdings, now is the time to investigate exactly how the duties of a director impact on the current situation in which this city finds itself. Through ongoing investigations by the Otago Daily Times, it has been revealed the state of the Delta and Aurora businesses are not what ratepayers have been led to believe. Cont/

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