Heads of Delta/ Aurora/ DCHL/ DCC out to lunch

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The Establishment Has Rigged the System: It’s Time to Shake Things Up
By Nathan McDonald 
Is the entire system rigged? Can we trust any of it? Yes and no. Large parts of the current “modern” day system we find ourselves living in is undoubtedly rigged against the little man. This is by design – make no doubt about it – but you should not let it rule your life. Because as history has proven time and time again, the true power lies in the people – we just don’t typically know it. The establishment is once again learning this harsh lesson. People are “waking” up at a pace that I have NEVER before seen in my life. […] The MSM has proven itself to be a powerful weapon, but its control is slipping. The alternative media are rising and rising fast. We are becoming the main source of most people’s information, proving once again my point that the power rests in the masses, not the elites.
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Tonight at Channel 39 News, ODT deputy editor Craig Page tells us what’s in Saturday’s newspaper:

● More on the continuing investigation into the “Delta/Aurora saga”…. ‘neglect of repairs’ means “3000 dangerous poles in Dunedin” need to be replaced within 12 months.

[See Richard Healey’s latest comments on pole numbers at What if? Dunedin]

● DCHL chairman Graham Crombie offers “an explanation of sorts” and says there could be “consequences for Delta staff” down the track.

● Whistleblower Richard Healey “who broke the story at ODT”.

[TV3 first broke the news with Richard Healey at The Story (Newshub)]

● Chris Morris looks back at the history of Delta.

Mr Page says to expect “a lot more headlines out of it in the weeks to come”.

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

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12 responses to “Heads of Delta/ Aurora/ DCHL/ DCC out to lunch

  1. Elizabeth

    From Chris Trotter’s blog today at Bowalley Road, Ideals of a Nyborg better than contempt of a Trump:

    *Borgen is a television series about the intricacies of Danish politics, created by Adam Price and produced by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.


    ….Danish Broadcasting is to be commended for Borgen. Not only because it reveals Denmark, a country about the same size as New Zealand, to be deeply committed to the idea that its public broadcaster has a vital role in both explaining and upholding its democratic institutions, but also because it is willing to invest in the creative capacities of its own citizens – to the point of funding a project of Borgen’s scope and scale. Would that New Zealanders were as committed to preserving the public service aspects of their broadcasting system!

    Because there is a price to be paid for dwelling only on the negative aspects of politics. If voters are encouraged to believe that their political system is “rigged”, and that their political leaders are “crooked”, then they will cease to have faith in the intricate networks of alliances; the complex arrangements of compromises; and the step-by-step fulfilment of promises that is the daily grind of democratic politics.

    And when that happens: when the voters dismiss the give-and-take of parliamentary politics; the sort of politics that President Lyndon Johnson personified, and which produced the transformational Voting Rights Act of 1965; then they begin to long for a leader strong enough to dispense with the formalities of politics and cut to the chase.

    Except that a leader who’s contemptuous of complexity and compromise must also be contemptuous of the voters themselves. Because the inescapable fact of human existence is that it is not simple, and that the competing needs of human society are only resolvable by people who are willing to compromise.

    Compromising does not mean capitulating. This is Borgen’s core message. That compromising is about keeping your own ideals alive by recognising the ideals of others: the rights of others.

    Rejecting the politics of Birgitte Nyborg, leaves only the anti-politics of Donald Trump.


    • Pb

      I prefer the Danish invention of a Viking raid.

      Or did you know the origin of Bluetooth- was a Danish warlord, who perhaps had blue teeth.

      Or did you know the Saxon in Anglo-Saxon was named after the long wicked war swords they carried -Seax’s – on invading England from Europe, or whatever it was called back then.

      Why has the ODT suddenly discovered a spine, right after the election. It’s refreshing!

  2. Elizabeth

    Does Mayor Cull represent the ‘contempt of a Trump’ in regards to Delta/Aurora….

    Will Graham Crombie’s statements in tomorrow’s newspaper help or hinder DCC’s understanding of the sheer extent of Delta/Aurora’s negligence and incompetence (cumulative asset management failure by top tier company executives and Board of Directors) and overt non compliance with statutory Health and Safety requirements – in view of DCHL’s hockey-socks report due to DCC on Monday.

    Craven times.

    All the best Richard Healey and Colleagues !!!


    The Story (TV3) broke the news on Wednesday 19 October : Ex-manager blows lid on ‘dangerous, toppling’ power poles.

    That same evening a witness saw Grady Cameron and friends in high spirits acting up in Dunedin’s mainstreet – apparently under the influence.

  3. russandbev

    Just before we get too pleased with the ODT’s investigation into Delta, let us not forget that the ODT is not too keen on publishing anything that would show that Delta et al propped up the stadium.

    Right from the days when Delta were required to provide a predetermined amount of “dividend” to the Council. And if you can’t provide it, then borrow it was the Council’s attitude. Delta and rugby and the stadium and the long list of GOBs that were the stadium and rugby’s proponents are as guilty as hell for causing this easily foreseen state of affairs of the power poles. But worse, the cabal of “directors” that have known where the money has gone including Crombie and his Board have ignored their basic duties to support the shambles that is Delta.

    And of course Cull was only too keen on shooting down any warnings by Vandervis and Calvert. Derelict in duties?

    The only solution that I see after Cameron is shown the door is to sack the entire Board of Delta/Aurora/DCHL. Cull and Co could do that if they had the spine, but of course it opens the door to revealing the shortcomings of the previous Council – most of whom are still sitting round the table. Chances of a Commissioner to replace the DCC? Are we looking at a situation to rival Kaipara?

  4. Tussock

    Police are investigating a water theft from a Waitaki District Council water supply. Just another thing the DCC failed to do, when some of their own were illegally connected.

  5. Greta Good

    Lest we forget…https://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/calls-fresh-inquiry-deltas-expansion-drive [29.7.13]

    “The council did not have the expertise to scrutinise the company’s activities itself, but relied on Dunedin City Holdings Ltd – Delta’s parent company – to do so, he said.
    Mr Cull was confident DCHL was doing that and saw no need for a fresh inquiry, but would not comment on the performance of Delta chief executive Grady Cameron.
    “That’s not my job … I have confidence in the board and management of Delta if DCHL tells me that they do, because that’s their job – to question that.”

    “Mr Cull rejected that, saying Delta was an investment – not a service company – and existed to return a dividend to the council.”

    The latter quote is, I think, a significant part of the current problem. I imagine if the power went out in Dunedin and stayed off for long enough, Mr Cull would be strongly suggesting that Delta and Aurora were indeed meant to be service companies.

  6. Hype O'Thermia

    Greta Good, “…if the power went out in Dunedin and stayed off for long enough…” – didn’t the power go off in Auckland and stay off for weeks?

    Ah yes. Cables not poles, “40-year-old gas-insulated cables that were past their replacement date”:
    “The 1998 Auckland power crisis was a five-week-long power outage affecting the central city of Auckland, New Zealand in February and March (southern summer) of 1998.
    At the time, almost all of downtown Auckland was supplied with electricity by Mercury Energy Limited via four 110 kV power cables from the national grid at Transpower’s Penrose substation, with two cables each connecting to two central city substations at Liverpool Street and Quay Street. The two cables connecting to Quay Street were 40-year-old gas-insulated cables that were past their replacement date. One of the Quay Street cables failed on 20 January, possibly due to the unusually hot and dry conditions, although this did not warrant a crisis as the three remaining cables could still supply the central city. The second Quay street cable failed on 9 February, leaving only the Liverpool Street cables supplying the city. Due to the increased load from the failure of the first cables, these remaining two cables failed on 19 and 20 February, leaving the entire central city supplied by a single 22 kV cable from Kingsland, resulting in about 20 city blocks (except parts of a few streets) losing all power….” en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1998_Auckland_power_crisis

    But wait, there’s more: “Power went off at around 08:30 am local time on 12 June 2006 over half of Auckland in New Zealand. Most of southern and central Auckland, including the central business district, were without power.” Corroded shackle this time. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006_Auckland_Blackout

    Delta’s attitude is in scale with its competence. Customer-schmustomer, we should give a damn, cry me a river and call an ambulance why dontcha.
    “A Dunedin man fears a ”cavalier attitude” to power outages could put lives at risk.
    The warning came from Shiel Hill resident Lars Grau after Delta workers cut power to 205 customers in Shiel Hill and Waverley for most of yesterday – a week earlier than expected.
    Mr Grau said he had been told by his power company, Mercury Energy, to expect an outage on February 24 or 25, when work to replace a power pole in Larnach Rd was to be carried out by Delta.
    Instead, the power was switched off without warning about 10am yesterday, after Delta workers arrived to begin work. The outage lasted until about 6pm, meaning Mr Grau, who is self-employed, could not work from home as planned……
    …However, Mr Grau said his concern was for the safety of others who might be reliant on life-supporting medical equipment.
    He also worried about the ”cavalier attitude” of Delta staff yesterday when he raised concerns about the impact of the outage on medically-dependent customers.
    Mr Grau said he phoned Mercury Energy, which apologised for the mistake but said it was not of its making.
    He then phoned Delta’s Dunedin headquarters and spoke to a staff member, who claimed the unexpected outage was no different from a storm, and advised anyone with a problem to call an ambulance.
    He was ”gravely concerned” by Delta’s ”cavalier attitude” to the mistake.
    ”In our country, people have died when the power was disconnected … They can’t be bothered putting any thought or effort whatsoever into the safety of people who rely on their power supply.”

    http://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/anger-over-unexpected-power-outage 15 Feb 2015.

    Hurry up Delta – a halfway decent gale roaring around all those munted poles, and considering your lack of resources, you could outdo the l-o-n-g Auckland outage. You’ve frittered away the money that should have been spent on replacing poles & other infrastructure steadily as they got old and past it. So what’s your plan for dealing with a major outage, where’s the money? Where are the staff (the skilled ones, not the megabucks desk drivers) and how’s your insurance for collateral damage caused by prolonged electrical outage that you can’t in all seriousness blame more than 15% on Act of God?

  7. Hype O'Thermia

    Grady Cameron’s getting plenty of stick for playing 3 “wise” monkeys with unwelcome information: lalalalalalala I’m not hearing that.
    But while this is lame to the point of irresponsibility, what about the others?
    I mean, why didn’t he feel able to take the information about things not being done, rotten poles being mended by Plaster of Algorithm, money being sucked out till there wasn’t enough left to do the job, always supposing Cull’s burble about not being a service company was just Cull’s bumblefooted nervous breakdance tic, as per. Why couldn’t he report to the Board frankly, what’s a Board’s responsibility when it comes to being open to honest if unwelcome information? Was he given the message that if he didn’t have good news to tell them he was going to be VERY unwelcome in their ‘hood, on their payroll?

  8. Rob Hamlin

    “Mr Cull rejected that, saying Delta was an investment – not a service company – and existed to return a dividend to the council.”

    Beyond the “Mr Cull rejected”, which is now standard form, what an incredible statement. I am not sure that the two identities can be separated as Mr Cull presumes. A service company that fails to provide a service due to neglect of its capital infrastructure is surely not a good investment. Not that it really matters apparently, as Delta/Aurora apparently, according to Cull, returns its dividends to ‘Council’ and not to you. You must thus be a long way down on the long list of ‘stakeholders’ with whom this Council now seem to identify and with whom such dividends are eventually lodged.

    As an investment it is probably worth nothing now anyway. So poorly has it been managed.

    It would appear that the most logical response would be to reorganise Delta and Aurora into one single-purpose company whose sole objective (use of revenue) would be to return the network to a reasonable standard. No marketing, no ‘off-piste’ investments; no managers, other than those necessary to run a civil reconstructon project from wherever the portakabins are needed. As it seems that few if any of the current management possess such direct and robust skills, the personnel implications are obvious. The list goes on: No Foobar box, no donations – and above all no dividends!

    My suspicion is that the bill to rectify this that will fall within five years will be well over $100 million and maybe into the multiple hundreds. As anyone who has taken on a mouldy house will know, decline takes on a massive momentum once it is well established; and a long period and a lot of money is expended simply arresting that momentum before any real improvement is observed.

    There is no doubt that the DCC will have to fund this promptly, with no money, its other critical assets also on their last legs and DCTL at the end of its debt elastic. Thus there can be no other non-core Council expenses other than this project for several years, other than investment in other critically neglected core infrastucture, of which their is plenty. One wonders how far off our own Havelock North moment is, given that raw sewage now seems to slop round freely both above and beneath our streets.

    It’s the fluff that needs to go. No Matariki, no Shanghai jaunts, no cycleways, no Mosgiel Pool commitments, no Rugby/Foobar or other bogus economic development subsidies….until this matter is sorted. But of course there will be more fluff – lots and lots.

    But, but, but will there be? Miserable management and governance (and that is absolutely the most charitable description that can be applied to it in this case) eventually leads to a loss of autonomy; for individuals, companies….and even councils. This news may or may not eventually come from Central Government. The paper value of Delta’s/Aurora’s ‘assets’ are likely to be sharply revalued downwards as a result of this revelation – to zero (at a maximum). A forced sale/donation of these degraded ‘assets’ mandated by Government to a new owner that has the capital, responsibility and will to guarantee future service may be one possibility.

    But it is not only Government that may have teeth here. We have the $850,000,000 ‘on call’ capital commitments to DCTL. The value of most of the ‘assets’ that DCC/DCHL set as equity against their $600,000,000+ ‘multi option variable rate note facility’ based debt are little more than acts of fiction. The revelation of the poles may lead to equity knock-ons elsewhere, with water and sewage being the obvious ones.

    The Delta/Aurora subvention fiction has fed the Foobar fiction that it is actually worth something – It is not worth a cent, as we all know, but this may now have to be made official in the DCHL accounts, now that the subventions are no more. City Forests has a paper value, but its real value will depend on the value of its standing timber and other assets. If it has been managed in the same manner as other Council companies in recent years, I suspect that we now own little more than two substantial but worthless piles: one of rusty scrap iron (the plant) and the other of firewood (the crop). The list goes on.

    The banks that sit on the other side of this MOVRNF table may now realise this, or more likely be forced to acknowledge it, and thus they will require (as they can) an immediate and substantial capital injection from DCC into DCTL to restore the debt/equity ratio within DCC/DCHL as a whole to an acceptable level.

    DCC, of course, don’t have that money. The money generated by the rundown of these assets has gone on political fluff and to happy ‘investors’ elsewhere. They can’t raise it by selling assets, because they are either unsaleable, or their ridiculous over valuation would simply mean that selling them would realise a massive loss and thus simply make matters worse – on paper at least. Oh dear!!

    But you still have assets – don’t you dear ratepayer – as you’ve managed your life prudently? Well done! – Chance may turn out that you’re going to be a DCC stakeholder (of sorts) after all!!

  9. Greta Good


    Unbelievable crap from Aurora and Cull….dangerous apparently actually means risk-free….no problem with safety for public or Delta staff….nothing to see here….please don’t anyone mention that the pole which fell across Forbury Road recently had been identified as dangerous and for IMMEDIATE replacement more than 2 years ago…..but there was DEFINITELY no risk to the public. Unless of course they had foolishly been driving/walking/standing in its way when it crashed to the ground. Stupid public. DEFINITELY NOT Delta/Aurora’s fault.

  10. Greta Good

    Begs the question….if the condition 0 and 1 pokes are so frigging safe, why borrow $26,000,000 to replace them in a hell of a hurry? I mean, when they collapse without hurting or killing someone, you just replace them then, right?

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