Development contributions

### ODT Online Tue, 8 Nov 2011
Development debate
By David Loughrey

Development contributions are fees levelled on property developers to pay for infrastructure required by subdivisions, such as water and wastewater, roads and reserves. Under proposed changes, developments placing additional demand on infrastructure could attract extra charges.

The Dunedin City Council will sit on November 22 to consider what Mayor Dave Cull said was a complex issue – a charge on developers opponents say could kill development in Dunedin. The council yesterday ended a three-day hearing on the issue that raised a host of legal and philosophical questions, and highlighted many areas where more work needed to be done.
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### ODT Online Tue, 8 Nov 2011
Heavyweight attack on plan
By David Loughrey

Lawyer Phil Page, for CIDA, Cranbrook Properties and Balmoral Investments, said there was a legal prohibition on “double dipping”, with the Forsyth Barr Stadium providing a good example. It was paid for through council company dividends, made up for by rates. It could not be charged for again through development contributions, something Mr Page said was “a key issue here”.

The group opposing a new charge on developers in Dunedin wheeled out its big guns yesterday, with a parade of lawyers, valuers, tax specialists, planners and builders to argue against the charge from every possible angle. The Construction Industry and Developers Association (CIDA), set up to oppose the draft development contributions policy, took up most of the third and final day of hearings on the issue.
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2 responses to “Development contributions

  1. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Mon, 14 Nov 2011
    Editorial: Stifling development?
    While they stand to be accused of building their objections on foundations of self-interest, there is a great deal of sense – common and otherwise – in the case mounted by developers against the proposed new Dunedin City Council draft development contributions policy.

    During the hearings a number of developers, rightly, pointed out the dampened economic context in which the new proposals were being mooted; and the state of the city’s development profile. At a time when all development and economic growth was fragile, any additional financial impost could halt it altogether.

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    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Wed, 23 Nov 2011
      Development levy decision deferred
      By David Loughrey
      A Dunedin City Council meeting on development contributions yesterday ended without a decision, after it was decided more information on the issue was needed. Cr Kate Wilson said yesterday the meeting would be reconvened, although a date had not been decided.
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