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The little horrors

Tweet (2 hours ago):

@whatifdunedin RNZ Checkpoint: Two thirds of people not enrolled to vote are aged 18 to 29 bit.ly/tY0QF8 (MP3)

If you can, drag a few of those you know kicking and screaming to enrol to vote.

If they think they’re voting only for themselves and there’s nobody who can represent them worth voting for, you’ve worked out where New Zealand’s gone wrong and where it’s sadly headed.

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Call for campaign on exports

The Chamber of Commerce says while exporting continues to be concentrated on commodity agriculture, New Zealand has many innovative and creative businesses with the potential to be successful global players.

### idealog.co.nz Friday 11 Nov 2011 at 9:29 am
Call for government-business partnership to campaign on exports
By Idealog
The Chamber of Commerce is calling for the incoming government to rethink its approach to exports, joining forces with the private sector to campaign to sell more to the rest of the world. Spokesman Michael Barnett said the traditional focus of increasing exports of conventional merchandise goods needed to shift up the value chain to high-tech, knowledge-based products, the export of services and the returns from outward direct overseas investment. “We believe the best way to improve New Zealand’s export performance is for the incoming government to establish an innovation-focused government-business partnership tasked to lead a campaign to sell more to the world.”
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