Updated: Waitaki District Council contribution

### Channel 9 News May 13, 2009
Tomorrow’s ODT carries news that Waitaki District Council has asked for its contribution to the stadium to be reduced by $2 million.


“Major deficiencies” in the Otago Regional Council’s calculations…

### ODT Online Thu, 14 May 2009
Waitaki disputes levy for stadium
By Allison Rudd

Waitaki ratepayers had been asked to pay $3.9 million over 15 years; however, [Waitaki Mayor Alex Familton says] his council’s calculations showed the amount should be $1.8 million, he told the regional councillors at a draft long-term council community plan hearing in Oamaru.
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### ODT Online Thu, 14 May 2009
Ratepayers resolute in opposition to spending
By Allison Rudd

Several Waitaki ratepayers have made their opposition to two costly Otago Regional Council projects loud and clear. Neither the Otago stadium nor proposed new waterfront offices for council staff was a priority…[they urged] the council to concentrate on core business such as river management plans, trying to halt coastal erosion, and protecting the environment.
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One response to “Updated: Waitaki District Council contribution

  1. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Thu, 14/05/2009 – 6:34am.
    Comment by house on Stadium backpedalling

    And so it begins. If Waitaki get their discount then the other parts of the region rightfully should too.
    Finally someone has woken up to the “huge losses” economically for this project.
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