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STS website DOWN

Today the STS website www.stopthestadium.org.nz which was hosted on an independent server was taken down as that server is no longer available to the organisation. For one and a half months the STS committee had received repeated warnings that it would need to find another server but had chosen to ignore the issue. With the result there is no longer an active website.

Who will save the STS website.


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RNZ National: Dougal Stevenson on stadium

### Radio New Zealand National May 31, 2009
Sunday Morning: Notes From the South

Speaking from Dunedin, Dougal Stevenson continues to wax lyrical on stadium issues.
Audio Link (duration 6′06″)

An inane moment occurs at the end when Chris Laidlaw says, “But the money is there, isn’t it?” An email reply from Rosemary McQueen setting matters straight was read out prior to the news at noon.


### Radio New Zealand National Feb 22, 2009
Sunday Morning: Notes From the South
Dougal Stevenson on Otago Stadium
Audio Link (duration 6′00″)

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