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The place enveloping, so far

### ODT Online Sun, 10/05/2009 – 10:20pm.
Comment by Duke of Ban Phai on Case(s) against the Stadium: Communique to Prostadia

Now I understand. The two stadium factions live in parallel universes. In the pro-stadium universe (Prostadia) there must have been a tiresome series of court-cases and appeals against the stadium, whereas in the universe where I live (Antistadia) there has only been one court–case and one appeal.
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(ODT 9/5/09) When Mayor Peter Chin was contacted on Friday evening about Stop the Stadium’s application to the Court of Appeal, he said: “I suppose there is a right of appeal, and they have chosen to take it up. I find it very disappointing, and I hope it’s going to be very unsuccessful.”


### ODT Online Mon, 11/05/2009 – 4:59pm.
Comment by Duke of Ban Phai on No outcome yet in Antistadia

No result yet here in Antistadia. Another Prostadian (mike38) mentioned multiple court cases and appeals in your universe. Which particular appeals are you referring to, and can you tell us what the other cases and appeals were all about? Just interested.
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### ODT Online Sun, 10/05/2009 – 7:26pm.
Comment by mike38 on Get on with it

Let’s get the show on the road. This is getting way out of hand with all these court cases going on. Just when things are looking good to go another appeal pops up.
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Describing Otago

### ODT Online Sat, 9 May 2009
Otago gets its place on website
By John Lewis

Otago has taken its place on the Government’s Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand website, six years after its establishment.
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Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand is the world’s first national encyclopedia produced specifically for the internet.
Te Ara Encyclopedia
Signposts – a blog about Te Ara the Encyclopedia of New Zealand

The Otago places entry was launched on its website at a function at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery on Friday.
Otago places


### Channel 9 News May 8, 2009 – 8:43pm
Dunedin To Be Given Segment In Online Encyclopedia

Writer and researcher Malcolm McKinnon says that collating such a large collection of information on Dunedin and Otago has been a fantastic experience due to our region’s colourful history.
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Dunedin too small – I don't think so.

Confirmation today of AC/DC coming to both Wellington and Auckland illustrates the money that is involved in these things, and blows a few myths out of the water.

“The top-selling Australian rock band, which has sold more than 200 million albums, will play Westpac Stadium on January 30 and Auckland on February 6.”

Right bang smack in the middle of the Southern Hemisphere concert schedule. But the next paragraph was the most interesting, telling and pertinent to Dunedin and our stunning new stadium.

“Wellington City Council events manager John Dawson said because of AC/DC’s wide appeal the band had the potential to sell more than 35,000 tickets. Based on concerts at the stadium, including The Rolling Stones in 2006, up to 50 per cent of ticket buyers would be from outside the region. A Saturday concert meant many fans would stay the weekend. Overall, it could contribute about $10 million to the capital’s economy.

Mr Dawson said the estimate was based on analysis of the Neil Diamond concert in 2005, which sold 32,000 tickets and injected about $8 million into the city.”

The most important things we can take from this is the fact that they are looking for up to 50% of the tickets coming from outside the region – that’s right 50%. We’ve been told time and time again by some that Dunedin is too small and that people don’t travel to concerts, this shows us that this simply isn’t the case. When we have the likes of these sorts of concerts we are looking for only 15,000 to come from the city of the immediate region. In the light of the All Blacks – France test selling about 20,000 tickets to the locals only, this doesn’t seem insurmountable (even more so when we are told that Rugby is in crisis and that people aren’t going any more).

But as I have stated time and time again in this forum, the appeal of a top act will see people come from all around the country. Also if we time these concerts right, they will be attractive to the tens of thousands of people on holiday in the South – if you are like me and have lived in Wgtn for a decent length of time, you will appreciate what a relative Ghost Town it is in Jan. But then so is Dunedin, so it has to be around the time when tourists are still on the go and the 22,000 students are back in town, well that’s not hard a couple of weeks later in middle Feb.

Then there is the seemingly other insurmountable issues of transport to the city. Not sure if you’ve lived in Wgtn, it’s a shocker of a place to get to, a 3.5hr ferry ride after a 4hr drive from CHCH, an 8hr drive from Auck (pushing it) or flights only. As I would imagine the majority of these people would actually be flying into the city, then as we all know Dunedin is perfectly situated to meet these needs. Further if we are to capture the tourists (yes tourists do go to concerts internal and foreign) then rather than a flight or an 8hr drive from Auk, it’s a leisurely couple of hr drive from Central Otago to here.

Other possibilities, and I know how the nay-sayers don’t like talking about possibilities, how about selling these things as packages. We all know there is a train that goes right past the stadium, and that we have one heck of a world class Taieri Train, how about selling a travel – stay – concert package to train in from Central to Dunedin, likewise from CHCH or even as far as Picton.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some of that $8-$10 million dollars injected into the economy too!

It’s simply a matter of getting the right acts to come to the south (we know they already relax and holiday in the luxury resorts of Central Otago sometimes), at the right time and these concerts in Wgtn show people will come, and from far a field.

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