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Other thoughts… Adventure Central getaways

Don’t believe too much of what the McFarry PR and marketing machine tells us these days.

CST offering Mr Sprey first ‘instalment’ at the stadium opening is hilarious.

Money talks. Whose money.
(Hard sell to Mr Sprey includes the Monopoly line: ‘Ratepayers are the Bank’?)

Will Mr Sprey bring something acceptable to town – how much for him to make some calls. Are we paying him already.

He suddenly sees Dunedin in lights with half-dead grass underneath.

Never mind, has to look good on opening night – we can’t vouch for the rest.

Where is the rumoured Britney in all this (not in your palm…). Ah well – sorry, not interested.

Forked out for the best flat screen, the flatmate is chef, unparalleled – great deal from Green Man, family’s vineyard gives pick of the cellar. The cousin dropped off venison. Sister-in-law bringing the salmon. All set. What? Head to the stadium tonight? And miss having friends round before we head to Central tomorrow. Nah. Staying in. Glenorchy’s gonna be great. Winter Games coming up too. Got plans.


Hell, even WDC aims to contribute less to the stadium – all being well (or sick, depends on who’s counting) that’s another $2M for the McFarry fundraising scheme.
Whatever millions it could cost (CST/DCC passes everything to Ratepayers) if the June 1 construction deadline is missed.

D Scene did us a favour today…cracks starting to show. Yeah, things not going brilliantly for CST/DCC right now.

Is it cheaper for Ratepayers and Residents to “stop the stadium” ie cause the termination of contract, or to build the stadium and operate it for so little profit (read ongoing losses) it will sink us.
No brainer.


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Thoughts on Sprey

Funny, when the whole “promoters don’t like it” red herring was thrown up middle last year, I was taken by how incredibly short sighted many were on this. When the hell have Kiwis ever been told by 1-2 people that they can’t do something – was there a shift in the Kiwi psyche happening?

Then comes the news from the Otago Daily Times today that the promoter critic of the stadium is working to get the first big act into the stadium.

“Dunedin’s new stadium could host a major international act and several smaller concerts every year, with three to four acts having already expressed interest in the stadium, “

Of course I had some ideas as to what was going on at the time, and it seems that they may have borne some fruit. Because nothing has changed between then and now except the certainty that the stadium is to be built, and the very real possibility that some other promoter might get in first.

My initial reaction was that they were protecting their own ‘Patch” ie Wgtn, and it would appear there seems to be something in this.

I also had concerns over his comments about getting acts to Dunedin (as echoed ad nauseam by ‘anti’ folk here) but suddenly this doesn’t seem to be such an issue. Sure it’s not going to be the easiest thing in the world, but obviously he doesn’t see it as such a big hurdle as some, as he wouldn’t be working on bringing acts to the lower south.

There was no talk of too small a population, no talk of not the right equipment, none of the defeatist stuff. The promoter with the biggest potential losses (as demonstrated by his Heavy Metal Easter event in wgtn) doesn’t see these as issues for concerts big and smaller to be at our stadium.

The other events promoter at the CST media briefing, “Mr Goldsmith said the stadium would be the only covered entertainment venue of its size in the southern hemisphere.

It also turns out that the roofed stadium is also an asset to holding concerts at the stadium, lights etc can be hung from it.

Sprey went on to say “Dunedin can attract the big concerts”. Really, I thought you told us it can’t, could it be it can, and it will so you want part of the money that will be involved?

But at the end of it all, the dear old ODT still allows the stupid to hang themselves with their comments – and good luck to them too.

Submitted by MikeStk on Wed, 13/05/2009 – 11:51am.
So he needs 54,000 attendees to break even – that’s half of Dunedin’s population – but the stadium seats something under 30,000 …. oops!

You arrogant stupid man, this was 54,000 for the TWO concerts, not one. Westpac stadium doesn’t hold 54,000 it has roughly the same capacity as ours will have, and sorry but Ozzy, Kiss and Alice Cooper have a rather narrow appeal, even if it were held in West Auckland it would have struggled to fill a stadium there.

I was accused of ringing the ‘build it and they will come bell’, when I first questioned the motives for their original negative comments, seems that bell is well in tune, and they are coming.

Good on the CST for holding this press conference, they have been criticised for not doing enough of this public information work, not that it satisfies everyone, MichaelA (David’s twin brother?), this public information is now labelled brainwashing. I guess there’s just no pleasing anyone.

Again, full story in the ODT Online


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Updated: Waitaki District Council contribution

### Channel 9 News May 13, 2009
Tomorrow’s ODT carries news that Waitaki District Council has asked for its contribution to the stadium to be reduced by $2 million.


“Major deficiencies” in the Otago Regional Council’s calculations…

### ODT Online Thu, 14 May 2009
Waitaki disputes levy for stadium
By Allison Rudd

Waitaki ratepayers had been asked to pay $3.9 million over 15 years; however, [Waitaki Mayor Alex Familton says] his council’s calculations showed the amount should be $1.8 million, he told the regional councillors at a draft long-term council community plan hearing in Oamaru.
Read more

### ODT Online Thu, 14 May 2009
Ratepayers resolute in opposition to spending
By Allison Rudd

Several Waitaki ratepayers have made their opposition to two costly Otago Regional Council projects loud and clear. Neither the Otago stadium nor proposed new waterfront offices for council staff was a priority…[they urged] the council to concentrate on core business such as river management plans, trying to halt coastal erosion, and protecting the environment.
Read more

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Mayor Chin: ‘Aspects of letter may seem patronising’

More of the circus in your town…

### ODT Online Wed, 13 May 2009
Dunedin | Annual Plan 2009-10 | Stadium
Letter explains city council’s actions
By David Loughrey
A nine-page letter explaining the Dunedin City Council’s actions on the stadium got a thorough page-by-page, line-by-line grilling from councillors yesterday, before its expected release after June 2.
Read more

The article reveals the Otago Rugby Football Union has a 35-year venue-hire agreement with a licence to use the stadium…

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

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Turn around from Sprey + Theatres and Events spends heralded

Despite the sweet nothings in his ear he concedes there are downsides, such as the logistics of getting equipment to the city, and convincing people the stadium was a viable option…

### ODT Online Wed, 13 May 2009
Stadium seen as drawcard for international acts
By Sarah Harvey

Dunedin’s new stadium could host a major international act and several smaller concerts every year, with three to four acts having already expressed interest in the stadium, Wellington concert promoter Phil Sprey says.
Read more


DCC Annual Plan discussions subject to final council decisions on the budget…

### ODT Online Wed, 13 May 2009
Dunedin | Annual Plan 2009-10
Theatre investigation: $30,000 fund approved
By Chris Morris

The Dunedin City Council will spend $30,000 investigating the use of one of the city’s theatres – most likely the Regent – as a home for a planned 600 to 800-seat mid-sized theatre.

The Fortune Theatre is likely to receive an extra $25,000 and “community rental” for its Stuart St building, to give the theatre the $50,000 it asked for.
Read more

### ODT Online Wed, 13 May 2009
Dunedin | Annual Plan 2009-10
$4.7m for Regent upgrade likely
By David Loughrey

The Regent Theatre looks set to get the $4.7 million it requires for an upgrade, in a move that could solve the Dunedin City Council’s need for a 600- to 800-seat theatre.
Read more

### ODT Online Wed, 13 May 2009
Dunedin | Annual Plan 2009-10
Basketball the big loser
By Chris Morris

Also yesterday, a $35,000 grant for the Mayfair Theatre won support, with Cr Paul Hudson saying it was important to continue support for the theatre while broader work on theatre provision in Dunedin continued.
Read more

### ODT Online Wed, 13 May 2009
Dunedin | Annual Plan 2009-10
$135,000 pledged for extra activities
By Chris Morris

A new $135,000 contestable fund for Dunedin events has been approved after the city’s councillors yesterday learned no money was budgeted to allow festivals and other events to grow.
Read more


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D Scene: Basil Walker's small victory

### D Scene 13-5-09 (page 3)
Lifting the lid
By Ryan Keen

[Basil Walker’s] challenge in the High Court at Dunedin has led to Dunedin City Council chief executive Jim Harland revealing in an affidavit the penalty clauses that exist in the so-called Guaranteed Maximum Price contract signed with Hawkins Construction.

Register to read D Scene online at http://fairfaxmedia.newspaperdirect.com/

### D Scene 13-5-09 (page 6)
Otago Stadium: Construction contract fineprint revealed
Delays will sting
By Michelle Sutton

Otago’s stadium project faces a multimillion-dollar blowout if the looming June 1 construction deadline is missed, a High Court affidavit reveals.

Mr Harland’s affidavit was sworn at Dunedin on May 5, a day before [Basil] Walker sought an urgent interim injunction blocking ORC’s contribution claiming its processes were flawed.
{story continues}

### D Scene 13-5-09 (page 6)
Edgar’s warning

Stadium supporter and former longtime Dunedin-based businessman Eion Edgar warns rates could soar if the project doesn’t happen.
{story continues}

D Scene 13-5-09 (page 6)
DCC counsel Frazer Barton is sending a memorandum to the High Court for $12,000 to $13,000 of costs against Stop The Stadium.

Other stories:
Word of the Week: injunction (page 9)
Mr Generous isn’t slowing down: Ryan Keen interviews Eion Edgar and finds the sort of money he’s giving to the stadium (page 9)

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