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StS Cartoon came back…


Twas a momentary reprieve . . . the damn thing has returned further down their home page.

No more uniforms, tanks and insignia at StS website.

Is this because of Court or because it depicted citizens being crushed by an armoured vehicle?

Things that make you go Hmmmm or shoo a horsefly.


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Updated: StS to Court of Appeal

That’s all What if? can reveal for now. News came through earlier today. Cr Walls also alerted our site this evening. I guess we properly wait for things to pass into public domain via the REAL news . . . and as to what’s in the application documents.

Somebody had to get the money up front for this latest action . . .

As I said to my co-author today, no wonder BB is fluffed up this week.


From the Notice of Appeal:

What are the specific grounds of your appeal?
The Learned Judge erred in finding that the Respondent’s decision to enter into the contract for the construction of a sports stadium at Awatea Street, Dunedin was not prohibited by section 97(1)(d) Local Government Act 1992 as the evidence established that the project had changed significantly from that provided for in the Dunedin City Council Long Term Plan.

Yep, we’ll leave the rest to the newspapers . . .


StS hasn’t dropped a media release today, no email to members either – same old, don’t tell your members what your governance committee is up to . . . especially, if it’s going to cost a power of money to take the action, and much more if unsuccessful. Sigh.


Full story from this morning’s ODT here.

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Blogs are fun are news and comment


Sunday Morning with Chris Laidlaw
on Radio New Zealand National
10 May 2009

11:05 Ideas: The Future of Journalism
We’ve been hearing a lot about the death of newspapers lately.
In the US the national daily ‘The Christian Science Monitor’ recently went web-only, and a question mark hangs over such well-known titles as the ‘Boston Globe’. But with the rise and rise of the internet are we simply seeing quality journalism switch from one delivery medium to another – or is it something more serious?
Robert McChesney – the founder of the half-million strong American lobby group, Free Press, for one believes the future of journalism itself is in peril.
Ideas talks to Robert McChesney, former newspaper editor and current head of the Whitireia journalism programme Jim Tucker, and Julie Starr – journalism commentator and one of the team responsible for the Daily Telegraph’s internet strategy.

Free Press
Robert McChesney
Julie Starr’s webpage

Presented by Chris Laidlaw
Produced by Jeremy Rose

{see audio link at Comment}


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StS 'picks up' Titanic farce

Where have we seen the good ship before, was it here? In what circumstance?

StS website has new graphic on home page Link

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DCC LTCCP: Submitters distrustful…

### ODT Online Fri, 8 May 2009
DCC reminded of social duty
By David Loughrey
After 36 hours at the table listening to 184 submitters, the Dunedin City Council will now turn its attention to who gets what, and how much ratepayers will pay when its annual plan process is complete.
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### ODT Online Fri, 8 May 2009
Claim stadium debate cost trust
By David Loughrey
The Dunedin City Council needed to take a good look at its consultation process following an acrimonious debate on the stadium, and loss of public trust, Dunedin educationalist Pat Harrison said in her submission.
Read more

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