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100+ Southern architecture then, now and next


While we’re thinking about the architecture and design of the proposed stadium at Dunedin…check out the best ever exhibition of Otago Southland architecture now showing at Otago Museum.

NZIA Southern is hosting the exhibition, curated by Michael Findlay, in partnership with The Warren Trust and Otago Museum.

100+ looks at architecture over the past century through three themes – a chronology of projects; the architectural profession through individuals, practices and organisations; and how architecture fits within our society.

Download 100+ poster (PDF, 747 kB)

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Cartoon times… + CIB investigation

### ODT Online Sat, 2 May 2009
Cartoon action ruled out
By Chris Morris
One of the Dunedin city councillors depicted as a Nazi in a controversial anti-stadium cartoon has ruled out taking legal action, as debate over its publication appeared to divide some anti-stadium campaigners.
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### ODT Online Sat, 2 May 2009
CIB investigating death threat against Butler
By Debbie Porteous
Police have confirmed they are investigating a death threat against Stop the Stadium president Bev Butler.
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Meanwhile at SkyscraperCity:
“Police investigating death threat against Bev Butler … one of these ‘threats’ would seem to relate to a post on this site.” Link

Pre-march banter is suddenly a death threat. Yeah right.

Mental note:
Members of the public concerned for their lives because the StS website shows citizens being run over by an armoured tank really shouldn’t call CIB.

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Stadium submissions on DCC LTCCP

### ODT Online Sat, 2 May 2009
Council facing flood of stadium submissions
By David Loughrey

The Awatea St stadium may be the subject of 500 of the more than 800 annual plan submissions to the Dunedin City Council next week, but with the contract to build the project already signed, their relevance appears to have waned.
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More startling stats

OK, there are blogs out there that will be rolling in the isles laughing that I am even making a post out of this, but this month was a new high for a SINGLE ISSUE DUNEDIN blog.

Ten (10) short of 8,000 visitors this month. I’m sure Selwyn Toogood would have had a phrase for this. Cheers all and keep up the discussions, you are seemingly all having fun.

That is unless you are Jewish.

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