Mayor Chin: ‘Aspects of letter may seem patronising’

More of the circus in your town…

### ODT Online Wed, 13 May 2009
Dunedin | Annual Plan 2009-10 | Stadium
Letter explains city council’s actions
By David Loughrey
A nine-page letter explaining the Dunedin City Council’s actions on the stadium got a thorough page-by-page, line-by-line grilling from councillors yesterday, before its expected release after June 2.
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The article reveals the Otago Rugby Football Union has a 35-year venue-hire agreement with a licence to use the stadium…

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One response to “Mayor Chin: ‘Aspects of letter may seem patronising’

  1. Elizabeth

    When gplusa sees a 35-year written commitment from the Highlanders to the stadium, that will be news worth reporting…

    ### ODT Online Fri, 15/05/2009 – 6:34pm.
    Comment by gplusa on Is this really progress ?

    So the ORFU has agreed to use the new stadium for the next 35 years. Why is this news? Of course they would. Their current ground is about to be demolished. To be replaced by a new stadium at a different location. That’s about as groundbreaking as announcing that the guy who sells the pies at Carisbrook has committed to the new stadium.
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