Stadium fight to High Court


### Channel 9 News May 1, 2009
Saturday’s ODT covers the stadium fight’s move to the Dunedin High Court this Wednesday, May 6. Basil Walker’s application to be heard.


### ODT Online Sat, 2 May 2009
Stadium hearing Wednesday
By David Loughrey

The latest legal challenge to the Otago stadium will go before the High Court at Dunedin on Wednesday, when former Queenstown property developer Basil Walker attempts to get an interim injunction to stop the Otago Regional Council from funding the project.
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One response to “Stadium fight to High Court

  1. Is the Judge looking to kill two stones with one windmill here and throw out the “People of NZ” v “Emissions Trading Scheme” too.

    At least we’ll be able to go along. Are you allowed to laugh in a public gallery, god I hope I don’t slip into Denny Crane Mad Cow mode, I could ruin it for global warming.

    He’s not a stranger to Court either is our Basil (god I’ve gotta get Sybil’s voice out of my head).

    I wonder how the “world’s first zero emission coal-fired energy plant at the old freezing works site at Makarewa, near Invercargill” went. Orders come flooding in for this technology?

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