‘Visual pole-ution’ @Christchurch —says sexy muppet

traffic-lights-at-high-and-tuam-streets-chc-facebook-comTraffic lights going in at High and Tuam Sts [facebook.com]

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RNZ Checkpoint with John Campbell
Thu, 13 Oct 2016
18 traffic lights fitted out at CHCH intersection Link
A single intersection in the Christchurch CBD has been fitted with 18 traffic lights – bafflying passersby.
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“Christchurch wants to compete on an international scale well, we haven’t re-built the cathedral but this corner is all sorted.” –Sam Crofskey, C1 Espresso cafe owner

### NZ Herald Online 8:31 AM Thu, 13 Oct 2016
Traffic light madness in central Christchurch
Source: NZ Herald
Eighteen traffic light poles have been set up in one of Christchurch’s quietest intersections, and at least one local says it causes noise to his eyes. The intersection of High and Tuam Streets was traffic-light free before the earthquakes. But for the past 18 months, council contractors have been slowly and steadily erecting traffic light poles in the tightly condensed area.
C1 Espresso cafe owner Sam Crofskey’s business has been on the corner for the past 20 years and is yet to see one crash. The council shouldn’t be surprised that it would get hassled for creating such an eyesore, he said.
“They’ve been doing this one block for 18 months. And we all take the piss about how long this takes, but 18 months? The money that is getting poured into this kind of stuff, oh, I would do a better job [on council].” … “I guess they’re trying to build it for the future. Eighteen sets of traffic lights, and they all do different things: there’s one for people crossing, bicycles, vehicles and trams, so there’s no doubt that someone has thought it out but it might have been a bit early to jump the gun.”
Christchurch City Council could not provide the cost of the traffic poles, nor explain why 18 traffic signals were needed to control the intersection when contacted by Fairfax yesterday.
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“It’s such a [visually] noisy thing to look at . . . it’s peak traffic management.” –Crofskey

### The Press Online (via Stuff) Last updated 14:13, 13 Oct 2016
‘Overkill’ central Christchurch intersection has 18 lights [+ Video]
By Jack Fletcher and Michael Hayward
A central Christchurch intersection will soon be controlled by 18 traffic light poles, with one local business owner reminded of the busy streets of Tokyo. The lights, at the corner of High and Tuam streets, will guide pedestrian, cycle, vehicle and tram traffic. They were yet to be installed, but locals and urban design experts have criticised the traffic management plans.
Other central city intersections visited on Wednesday have about nine lights.
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Oldman 5 hours ago:
How the hell will we know where to look?

Fredup 5 hours ago:
Well, it wasn’t City Care. All their bosses are away on holiday in their council $50,000 utes with the boat or caravan behind it.

CHL 5 hours ago:
Must have been designed by the same traffic engineers who built traffic islands and installed calming measures in a quiet residential street in South Dunedin so that fire trucks could not acccess the street and a perfectly good street was turned into a one way street and had a compulsory stop at one end. People with brains but absolutely no common sense.


RNZ Published on Aug 21, 2016
Christchurch Dilemmas – City Centre – Portland Families
Episode 3 of Christchurch Dilemmas looks at the city centre. This video looks at the Pearl District of Portland – a previously run-down industrial area of the inner city, which has been transformed by putting families first. See all the videos and have your say at http://chchdilemmas.co.nz.

Christchurch Dilemmas is a new series coming soon from Frank Film, the creators of When a City Falls. Funded by NZ On Air and created with assistance from Radio New Zealand, the six-part series examines the major decisions facing Christchurch 5 years on from the earthquakes that devastated the city.

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11 responses to “‘Visual pole-ution’ @Christchurch —says sexy muppet

  1. swinging vicar

    Is the fountain alright? What news of the fountain? [The Fountain was dubbed ‘A busload of bowlers returning from the West Coast’, by Canta]

  2. Hilary Calvert

    When senior DCC people started asking for reports before new traffic lights were installed they stopped happening. Maybe Czech should try that approach….

    • photonz

      Who at DCC decided it would be a good idea to bring in all the no turning lights?

      Previously maybe 12 cars could get straight through an intersection during a phase of lights. Now a single pedestrian on the side street can stop the front left turning car, and NO cars get straight through on a phase.

      So the idiotic design means dozens of cars get backed up because of a pedestrian on a road they are not even turning onto.

      • Elizabeth

        Yup. Two weeks ago that stalled flow in the main street to the extent the taxi I took from the Octagon stand had already run up just on $15 to get out of the Octagon and into Princes St – not helped by buses failing to get through Octagon intersections (on orange and red lights) thereby blocking crossflow traffic lanes. Freaking chaos and no traffic enforcement by the sainted police.

        • Anonymous

          A good day in Dunedin is passing through two successive green lights. Three is a surprise. And four just seems like tempting fate now. The intersection of Stafford, Manse, Princes and Jetty streets often has a 10 second red-green-orange change. If you’re lucky, the first person is quick enough to get their car out to allow the person behind to do the same. Sometimes three cars get away. Then it turns yellow and it gets challenged. It gets worse as you can imagine. This seems to occur at peak times. At quieter times it is 20 seconds. Cars are often backed up along Manse and Jetty streets and you can see the drivers stewing. I don’t know what the technicians were thinking programming a 10 second rule but someone with a sadistic streak was having a laugh that day.

        • Elizabeth

          I now suspect traffic engineer Don Hill had it sussed way better than the current crew – even despite the horrid protrusions.

        • Hype O'Thermia

          It’s the policy of “encouraging” people to walk, cycle and use the bus instead of driving private cars.
          Oopsy, pity about the bus.
          Walk. Cycle. Stay home. Shop online.

          Big demand for property in Kaitangata (news). Are there many traffic lights in Kaitangata?

        • Elizabeth

          We’re now brinking on the Central City Plan wars – where DCC will try to annihilate the one-way system in the warehouse and Queens Gardens area, and lay down the abhorrent segregated cycleway(s) on one-way SH1 – thus narrowing the carriageways for bulk freight vehicles (ye old turning circle problem at intersections….) – same tightness for the ‘little fuel guzzlers’ that Jinters hates so much – the DUD of ever more constricted and blocked arteries. Heart attack City.

          Hawkins with his newish driving licence has stepped away from green thinking into petroleum! more so than his pattern of bus use. Oh dear.

          There are other slants about the CC Plan that will require stiff legal stoush to avoid the various generation zip and spokes type social media lobbies getting too much leverage. Watch this space.

        • Hype O'Thermia

          Anonymous, “If you’re lucky, the first person is quick enough to get their car out to allow the person behind to do the same”. Dunedin has far too many drivers who go into a trance at the sight of a red traffic light. DO NOT TOOT AT THEM. Being woken suddenly may he harmful to their health.

          And others’.

          By the time they process “Someone tooted……… Light is green” it will be red again. For the sake of drivers and pedestrians who are conscious of the changing lights and acting accordingly, it’s better to let the semi-comatose wake naturally in their own time. See if you can do a U-ey and take a detour through Mornington… or wherever……

  3. Gurglars

    The Christchurch City Council maintain each traffic light only costs $1000.

    The Dunedin City Council said their traffic lights cost over $50,000 each!

    But dear reader there’s no disconnect.

    The CCC bought 18 and got a bulk discount and the DCC had to load up to pay the negotiator. A consultant!!

  4. Anonymous

    The hyper-deployment of traffic lights around Dunedin – and in Christchurch – is one of the more obvious out-of-control aspects of the council. Except I can’t necessarily believe it’s all down to incompetence and the “health and safety” mantra this time. The amount of money associated with their installation must be fairly significant and, thinking of the usual suspects, another opportunity to line pockets through the process of spending other peoples’ money. To me they are beacons for questionable behaviour in the council. And their increasing number and placement remind me of the recent vending machine kickback, but on a grander scale. Someone’s got to be making money because it’s just ridiculous to be anything else, but no-one wants to look too closely in case it puts them in the firing line. And we all know this council prefers to be seen shouting at the fox long after it has departed the hen house.

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