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Grady Cameron and Graham Crombie : Eyes tightly shut #FAIL

The What if? Dunedin team has received repeat ‘word’ in the last 24 months from disgruntled ratepayers and residents, as well as senior personnel inside and outside Delta Utility Services / Aurora Energy…. (Otago and Canterbury).

richard-healey-story-19-10-16-newshub-co-nzWhistleblower Richard Healey is not alone [Story newshub.co.nz]

That Mr Healey was “escorted from his workplace of seven years” speaks volumes about the sad-arsed top tier trougher and ‘Board of Directors’ that prop up the two Dunedin City Council-owned companies [Luggate, Jacks Point, Yaldhurst, civil construction and contract fails, property speculation, joint venture quackery and rorting, vehicle pool and equipment indulgences at mates rates and for ‘friends’, exorbitant chief executive salary rise with bonuses, top heavy over-paid management, ratepayer subsidised tender bids, a crippled if not completely broken electricity network, anyone?] ….and annual subvention payments to the multimillion-dollar-loss-making Dunedin stadium.

Does that sound competent.

Wide public knowledge of the state of the ill-managed electricity network apparently hasn’t assaulted the senses of our Award-winning young executive Grady Cameron or indeed the short and stout DCHL chairman Spongebob Crombie.

Thanks to Media Man for the tweet alert earlier this evening.

grady-cameron-delta-ceo-story-19-10-16-newshub-co-nz“No guarantees” for the public or the workers [Story newshub.co.nz]

### newshub.co.nz Wed, 19 Oct 2016 7:25 p.m.
Source: Story at TV3
Ex-manager blows lid on ‘dangerous, toppling’ power poles
By Jendy Harper
A former manager in the electricity industry has quit his job to go public over the state of New Zealand’s power poles, which he says are toppling from neglect. Last week Richard Healey quit his job at Delta, which manages the electricity network in Dunedin and Central Otago, and was escorted from his workplace of seven years. He called Story after he left the building and said he had resigned over the rundown and unsafe state of the electricity network in his patch, and he wanted to go public about it. […] Whistleblower Mr Healey has since met with Energy Safety, a division of Worksafe, and they will follow up on the matters he has raised.
Read more + Video (full Story report)

red-tag-story-19-10-16-newshub-co-nz“A decaying and dangerous network” [Story newshub.co.nz]

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