Brand strategy for Dunedin

Dunedin City Council
Media Release

Nationwide Search To Deliver City Promotion

Last reviewed: 26 Jan 2010 9:31am

Expressions of interest are being sought by Dunedin City Council from creative agencies to develop a new brand strategy for the city.

Please note: To formally apply please go to LG Tenders website: Refer to Tender 3273

The Council has, for the first time, collaborated with key stakeholders to develop a city-wide promotional strategy. The stakeholders include Allied Press, Dunedin City Council, Otago Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Otago Polytechnic, Otago Southland Employers’ Association, Tourism Dunedin and the University of Otago.

“We’ve done a huge amount of groundwork and it is still early days in the development of the overall strategy and the promotional activity that will realise the strategy” Dunedin City Council City Marketing Team Leader Jennifer Hooker said. “We’re fortunate to have some great talent here in Dunedin but, because we want the best for this assignment, we’ll be spreading the recruiting net wide to attract both local and national agencies. That way we could well end up with some kind of local/national collaboration as the outcome”.

“Because it’s early days in the process, we’re simply seeking agency credentials at this stage and we’ll be advancing the process shortly. Once the project is a bit further advanced we are looking forward to sharing our thinking with the broader community.”

The city’s current marketing strategy “I am Dunedin” dates back to 2001 and, although it had aged gracefully and served the city well, it now needed a revamp, Ms Hooker said.

Contact DCC on 477 4000

DCC Link

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5 responses to “Brand strategy for Dunedin

  1. Nice post.

    I’ll be getting the design boffins together on this to push for Dunedin folk to brand Dunedin. Last thing we need is the strange folk who came up with “Town of the future” (you know the Town that you’ll never meet)

  2. David

    The “I am” campaign was bad enough – outright embarrassing.

    Weird, really strange, and very odd, were the usual comments I received about it from friends and family outside Dunedin. For nearly everyone I talked to it left a negative impression.

    • Elizabeth

      Fishing expedition. Your mother would have warned you about these.

      Given the number of “strategies” written or being written for DCC and there’s very little money in the coffers for implementation, Dunedin is looking a mite precocious or was that prehensile. In this case – city promotion and branding strategy – the courting of “creative agencies” does seem a bit loose.

      Tell me one creative agency we can afford that can “capture” the great unknown and known that is “greater Dunedin”, to encourage people and their investments (multiple and several) for a wee while, that doesn’t make us wince.

      I hate the labels, traps, wrongs, insults and futilities of the formal “branding” of cities, towns, districts or regions. I can tolerate a ‘national’ obsession, but only just. It all seems too random and pathetic, soul destroying.

      Maybe Saatchi’s new boss has the right smarts, to collaborate with the local talent. (joking?)

      Hey, Air New Zealand is doing its international identity with the design of new seats. Now that’s clever, a practical well designed INNOVATION.

      Do you need a branding strategy or a (pronounced) bespoke product – are they the same thing?

      What is the new Dunedin product, the new product family???
      What are we going to make here? If it’s not chocolate granules.

      BTW there will be an ENDLESS RIOT if the stadium looms too large in the subliminal messaging.

  3. David

    Well done Elizabeth – I think you just hit on the new brand –

    “Greater Dunedin”

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