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Contentious guidance for town centres

### architectsjournal.co.uk Jan 4, 2010
Minister announces new town centre development guidance
By Simon Hogg
Housing and planning minister John Healey has announced an overhaul of the planning system to prioritising town centre shops over out of town developments.
The revamped system will give town hall planners ‘the tools they need to boost business growth and provide new safeguards for town centres and local markets,’ said Healey, who revealed the new guidance on a visit to Doncaster on 30 December.
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little designer specials

### Dezeen January 1st, 2010 at 12:01 am
Designer New Year cards
By Rose Etherington
Happy New Year! Here’s a selection of our favourite New Year cards from designers, including this confusing one from Madrid designers Luzinterruptus.
The cards

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Architecture & infrastructure in 2009

### http://www.nytimes.com December 17, 2009
A Few Triumphs Pierce the Clouds of a Bleak Time

According to columnist Nicolai Ouroussoff, the future may be bleak, but at least some architects can look back on the year with a sense of triumph. He lists projects by architects Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel and Toyo Ito:

“What all of these projects share, besides being splendid architecture, is an ability to infuse a drab, lifeless neighbourhood — whether it be a derelict postwar area at the far edge of Rome’s historic centre or a generic new development outside Copenhagen — with a sense of joy. Like much great architecture, they create a sense of place — of collective identity — where there was none.”

Ouroussoff suggests the greatest shift of all has been a renewed interest in infrastructure:

“Encouraged by the debates that surrounded the unveiling of President Obama’s stimulus package, American architects, curators and students have thrown themselves into the task of rethinking the networks — train lines, freeways, bridges, levees, ports and waterfronts — that bind our communities together.”
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