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International architectural form and design

Since Dunedin has problems articulating an appropriate new entry structure for the Town Hall (the proposed glass cube is middling to ok in the face of previous styling efforts, but still lacks some grace and essential detailing and scaling devices), here are some images of built and conceptual architecture to prod the public imagination. Some is OTT.

### designerscouch.org 21 Jan, 2010
Designers Couch: Creative Humans
Amazing Constructs & Beautiful Interiors
By §Damian M.
Several amazing architecture designs and interior spaces collected from Yatzer.com, a great blog for design inspiration.
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Container complex idea, for Dunedin(?)

ODT 19.11.09 Food sellers keen on Noah’s Ark site

Let’s be blatant. Why not do some of this at the Noah’s Ark site in Marlow Park playground, St Kilda? Would work as a beach-side attraction (destination), creates its own shelter – food retailers, other vendors, and the general public would love it. A DESIGN feature for Dunedin. Hello, a fun reminder about city recycling!

Image: Orodreth via Flickr

### inhabitat.com 22 January 2010
Stunning Shipping Container City Springs up in Mexico
By Bridgette Meinhold
This hip, colourfully painted shipping container city recently sprung up just outside of Mexico city. Created by a small community of businesses, the project features restaurants, gallery space, bars, funky stores and even living spaces constructed completely out of recycled shipping containers.

Image: Sidabossa via Flickr

Container City is located about two hours outside of Mexico City in Cholula, and is comprised of about 50 standard shipping containers. The developers took 4500 m2 (48,500 sq ft) of space and plopped down the containers, stacking them to create courtyards, alleys and streets. The containers were then painted bright colours and outfitted with lighting, kitchens, dining areas and more.
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Images: containercity.com via Flickr

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DCC Annual Plan, arise the told-you-so’s

Blame attaches to the decision to fund the Stadium for creating the pressure on council finances.

### ODT Online Sat, 23 Jan 2010
Deferrals could have high cost
By Chris Morris
The Dunedin City Council faces a double whammy of lost revenue and community anger – at least from some sectors – if it defers some or all of a list of major capital projects in an effort to save money. The proposal to consider staging or deferring work on planned upgrades of the Regent Theatre, Otago Settlers Museum and the Town Hall/Dunedin Centre was raised by deputy mayor Syd Brown during Thursday’s council pre-draft annual plan meeting.
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### ODT Online Sat, 23 Jan 2010
Deferring depreciation saving for council
By David Loughrey and Chris Morris
The Dunedin City Council has managed to wring some money from its budgets using a method it has been using for some time – deferring its spending on depreciation. Since 1992, councils have been required by Audit New Zealand to list all assets on their books and set aside depreciation; an amount to maintain them and pay for their eventual replacement.
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