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DCC Annual Plan: classic comment at ODT Online

Libraries, or rugby and a stadium – the sweetest of damned comparisons.

### ODT Online Sun, 24/01/2010 – 12:01pm.
Comment by kkeogh on DCC priorities
The Highlanders and Otago rugby teams show alarming reductions in home attendances, which I estimate would be down to around 50,000 total at Carisbrook for a season. For their efforts they get a quarter billion stadium built for them. Cont…
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Prista Apartments: 372-392 Princes St and 11 Stafford St

UPDATE: It’s now August 2010 and we’ve had the last hearing under the resource consent process. There’s been two years of processing. See comments on this thread for more.


[24 January 2010] This week, we’re within cooee of a resource consent decision on the Prista Apartments development proposal – waiting with baited breath.

This one’s about demolishing District Plan protected facades, which all along the developer has demonstrated no wish to retain – or to explore as a design solution (it’s never been on the table).

One of our leading structural engineers tells us the facades – and the buildings themselves – are straightforward to retain and strengthen, at not so very much cost comparatively.

Does the city value its area potential?

The application has been processing for a year or more. Will the pending decision bring joy, sadness, utter hopelessness – or sheer grunt work for anyone prepared to test it?

Given the nature of the Dunedin City District Plan considerations and the heritage issues at stake, ALL EYES ARE PAINFULLY GLUED.

[updated 18.6.13]

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