Rugby officials expressing anxieties about 2011 RWC budget in private for months

Taxpayers, run and hide !!!

### Last updated 05:00 16/08/2009
Hobbs: NZRU won’t go bust
By Greg Ford – Sunday Star Times

New Zealand rugby isn’t about to go broke, but chairman Jock Hobbs admits it will have to write a substantial cheque after hosting the Rugby World Cup. The Sunday Star-Times last week revealed the forecast loss associated with hosting the tournament had blown out from $30 million to $40m. The NZRU has agreed to pay one third of any loss.
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### Last updated 05:00 09/08/2009
Loss blows out $10m as board is purged
By Greg Ford – Sunday Star Times

The 2011 Rugby World Cup is headed for a budget blowout. The revised budget for the New Zealand-hosted tournament, expected to be made public in the next two weeks, predicts a $40m loss.
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