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STS day in court

Counsel for DCC: “We are at the point of no return.”

### ODT Online Tue, 18 Aug 2009
Appeal court reserves decision on stadium

The Stop the Stadium group has gone to the Court of Appeal, seeking to quash a decision to go ahead with Carisbrook’s replacement, despite the piles already being in the ground for the $198 million project. The Court today reserved its decision following complex legal arguments, but promised to release its findings as soon as it could. NZPA
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Construction pics of the day 2



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DCC Media Release – Carisbrook

Dunedin City Council Media Release
Council Acquires Carisbrook

Dunedin (Monday 17 August 2009) – The DCC has completed negotiations with the Otago Rugby Football Union that sees the Council assume ownership of Carisbrook.

The all up price of the purchase is $7 million which includes three packages made up from Carisbrook, the adjacent car park site and a block of rental housing in Burns Street.

The ORFU has repaid the $2 million DCC loan from the proceeds of this transaction.

However, the purchase of the three packages will be neutral to the Council for the next three years during which time the ORFU will be responsible for the operational expenditure and maintenance.

As a result, the Council has also agreed to guarantee the interest on the ORFU’s seasonal debt for three years from the settlement date of 11 August 2009. The maximum seasonal debt covered by this agreement is up to $1.2 million.

Under the terms of the agreement Carisbrook will be leased back to the ORFU for a three year period on a set lease basis which is neutral to the DCC.

Unless any future use of the assets meets overheads associated with the properties the Council will incur additional debt servicing costs.*

The Council recognises the importance of this site to the future of South Dunedin and the city as a whole, and the future use of Carisbrook will be determined by Council only after analysis of the sites’ potential, alternative uses, and discussions with the community and stakeholders.

Mayor Peter Chin has responded enthusiastically to the acquisition of Carisbrook. “This is good news for the ratepayers and for the ORFU. It represents a sound investment based on a rigorous independent valuation of the current and future values across a range of land uses, all of which makes this a canny investment.”

The details of the purchase price will remain confidential for reasons of on-going commercial sensitivity.

Further details may be obtained from:

Peter Chin: 474 3855 or 0274 372 126
Cr Syd Brown: 0274 360 104
Athol Stephens, GM Finance & Corporate Support:
474 3867 or 0274 326 603

*See asterisk added by Cr Richard Walls in the media release received; he says: “For clarification, this relates to the position three years hence if the future use of the ground etc is not resolved by then.”

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Wi-Fi: DCC favours Octagon businesses to exclusion of others

It doesn’t get much thicker than this.

### ODT Online Tue, 18 Aug 2009
Free wireless internet for Octagon to be trialled
By Chris Morris
Plans to trial a free wireless internet service have been approved by the Dunedin City Council. Councillors at yesterday’s full council meeting voted to accept a recommendation to trial the wireless (Wi-Fi) internet initiative, which came from a meeting of the council’s economic development committee last month.
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Stadium jobs assertion

### ODT Online Tue, 18 Aug 2009
Stadium could create more jobs than forecast
By Chris Morris

Construction of the Forsyth Barr Stadium could create more jobs in Dunedin than first thought, Carisbrook Stadium Trust officials say. It was possible original estimates of jobs for 600 workers “could well be exceeded”, trust development director Darren Burden said yesterday.
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Carisbrook purchase debatable + Test $hype

### ODT Online Tue, 18 Aug 2009
Council’s Carisbrook deals released
By David Loughrey
The Dunedin City Council will underwrite Otago Rugby Football Union debt for the next three years as part of a deal which includes the purchase of Carisbrook for $7 million. The council confirmed the cost yesterday, and that the Otago Rugby Football Union had repaid a $2 million loan to the council.
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The tripe continues…

### ODT Online Tue, 18 Aug 2009
NZ-France test benefits city $5.3m
By David Loughrey
Dunedin reaped a $5.3 million benefit from the All Blacks-France test match in June, a new report says, a figure the Dunedin City Council claims has “a whole new meaning” with the Forsyth Barr Stadium under construction.
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The figures:
All Blacks v France, June 13. –
Out-of-town ticket sales: 12,122
Average expenditure: $479
Total expenditure: $11.3m
Total value added: $5.3m


### RNZ News Updated at 8:55am on 18 August 2009
Dunedin council buys Carisbrook for $7m
Dunedin City Council has bought hallowed southern rugby ground Carisbrook for $7 million. The deal was struck by the council and the Otago Rugby Football Union and includes a $2 million loan repayment in return for a three-year lease. Dunedin Mayor Peter Chin says the agreement represents a sound investment, based on a rigorous independent valuation. But critics argue the deal bails out the rugby union to ensure it becomes a reliable user of a new $198 million* stadium being built in the city. Stop the Stadium president Bev Butler says it appears the council and the union are now “joined at the hip”.

*woops RNZ isn’t up with the increased cost of the stadium published in DCC Chief Executive Jim Harland’s affidavit…

RNZ on Morning papers:
The [Otago Daily Times] also reports that Dunedin City Council will underwrite Otago Rugby Football Union debt for the next three years as part of a deal that includes the purchase of Carisbrook for $7 million.

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