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STS Newsletter 31 July

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Dear Members

It has been a while since we sent out a newsletter – there has not been much to report.
With our Court of Appeal hearing now less than three weeks away, we thought it apt to update our members and in so doing reflect briefly on the achievements of STS. It has been a busy year for the committee and the many members who have given freely of their time. Everyone’s efforts and support are much appreciated.

Over the year STS has achieved the following:
* initiated the University Survey (78.2% opposed to public funding of stadium)
* membership drive (over 1500 financial members – unprecedented for a Dunedin incorporated society)
* two protest marches (attended by 1000 then 2000)
* two public meetings (attended by 200 then 1800 – filled Town Hall – unprecedented)
* legal action initiatives including Plan Change, Environment Court Appeal (withdrew upon advice), High Court Injunction and presently Court of Appeal
* rates protest unveiled by former Mayor, Sukhi Turner
* 100s of letters to John Key (PM), Bill English (Minister of Finance), Rodney Hide (Minister of Local Government), local MPs, leaders of other political parties
* 100s of emails from members to councillors
* 100s of written submissions to DCC Annual Plan process (538 opposed stadium 10 for stadium)
* many oral submissions to DCC Annual Plan process
* 100s of letters to the editor and opinion pieces
* emails and speeches to ORC councillors
* approaches to Ombudsman
* approaches to Office of the Auditor General
* meeting with Mayor Chin and some councillors
* meetings with local MPs
* meeting with Rodney Hide
* STS website and media coverage which has generally increased awareness of the stadium issues

Be proud of STS’s above achievements as in the normal course of events just a few of the above would have been sufficient to stop the stadium.
Unfortunately we all know that what is happening in Dunedin is not ‘normal’. We have two rogue councils who have ignored the concerns of the majority of their citizens and have run roughshod over their wishes. Both councils put conditions in place and citizens were reassured that the stadium would not go ahead if these conditions were not met. Many conditions were not met but the councils cynically voted to ram the stadium through regardless. The consultation process was an absolute farce. When the council signed the construction contract part way through ‘consulting’ their citizens they destroyed any semblance of credibility they had remaining.

Preparations for STS Court of Appeal are on track. The Appeal will soon be heard in Wellington on Tuesday 18th August with three judges presiding.
We believe that the DCC is acting unlawfully and our legal counsel, Len Anderson and Hilary Calvert, have prepared a strong, thorough case which we hope will result in justice finally being served.

If successful then we will seek the following relief:
(a) A declaration that it is unlawful and contrary to section 97 Local Government Act 2002 for the Dunedin City Council to resolve to proceed with the proposed stadium prior to adoption of the 2009/10 – 2018/19 Dunedin City Long Term Council Community Plan;
(b) An order quashing the decision of the DCC to accept the GMP offer dated 15 April 2009 from Hawkins Construction Ltd for construction of the stadium.

We appreciate members generous donations to date.
Any further contributions towards our ongoing legal expenses would be gratefully received.
Payment details are as follows:
Cheques made out to Stop The Stadium Inc
Send to:
Stop The Stadium Inc
P.O.Box 1029
Banking details:
Account Name: Stop The Stadium Inc
Account number: 389008-0016614-01

Annual General Meeting
We are in the process of organising our AGM.
Details will soon be notified.

Thank you all so much for your ongoing support.

Kind Regards
Bev Butler


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The stadium had an effect on the surplus…

### ODT Online on Tue, 4 Aug 2009
Timing issues cited in $13m DCC operating surplus drop
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The Dunedin City Council’s operating surplus was almost $13 million less than expected at the end of the financial year, but timing issues, rather than budgetary problems, are mostly to blame, the council says. The surplus at the end of June was $4.7 million, compared with an expected $17.5 million.
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