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Wellington design firm… applying the logo


Cato Partners “Identity Management and Design” (Wellington) unfurls the stadium logo onto (were the apparel items made in China, New Zealand or where) merchandising…

See Cato’s Case Studies – 17: “FBSaUP”
(not to give the name sponsor too much credit over ratepayers’ contribution)
Hit the dots at the top to advance through the [eyelash blink blink] ‘merchandising’…

Far out…
Would YOU wear it.


Thanks to UglyBob at Skyscraper for projecting these visual delights.

And for alerting us to this ah, was it, little gem:

July 20, 2009
Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza will be New Zealand’s largest indoor multipurpose stadium! Overlooking Otago Harbour, this fully roofed facility will have capacity for over 30,000 avid fans. A world-class conference centre, Forsyth Barr Stadium will also host educational, sporting, business, entertainment and cultural events.


(so have ratepayers got a lighting budget ready)

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Loughrey on Chin – ODT


### ODT Online Thu, 6 Aug 2009
Mayor bullish on council record
By David Loughrey

The Dunedin City Council may be reeling from a barrage of criticism from an angry public, but Mayor Peter Chin says the decisions it has made to support major multimillion-dollar projects are the right ones.
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Why keep plugging Facebook group The DCC has lost the plot. Sorry ODT, what’s your fascination there. It’s a minor thing of little substance and is not a true reflection of the public view – get out and speak to Dunedin citizens and group leaders if you want the real picture.

I’m still trying to picture Peter Chin as “bullish”… sly perhaps.

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Designing smarter new stadiums

Where the Otago stadium fails…

### Telegraph.co.uk Published: 9:59PM BST 02 Aug 2009
New generation stadium designers go green
By Paul Kelso, Chief Sports Reporter

When the World Games opened in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in July they did so in a stadium that may point the way forward for arena design. The stadium roof is covered by 8,884 solar panels, the “scales” on the snake’s back, which generate 100 per cent of its power. When the stadium is not in use the power is sold back to the local grid and can meet 80 per cent of the local area’s energy needs.
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D Scene: CST threatens STS with legal action

Something the STS July newsletter didn’t mention…

### D Scene 5-8-09

Legal action possible (page 6)
By Michelle Sutton
Carisbrook Stadium Trust is threatening Stop the Stadium with legal action weeks before the protest group’s second legal showdown. This week’s latest court action was threatened by Carisbrook Stadium Trust over STS’s logo on its website. The logo has been removed, but will reappear on its website tomorrow.

Stop the Stadium

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Belly-up builders hit home owners, creditors (page 2)
By Michelle Sutton
[John Christie, chief executive, Otago Chamber of Commerce] expects there will be “a bit of a lag” before big building jobs such as the stadium and the town hall redevelopment crank up work for the commercial sector and subcontractors.

Councillors wouldn’t back me: Guest (page 5)
Ex-lawyer Michael Guest has claimed four Dunedin City Councillors failed to support his return to law because they were anti-stadium. “If they were seen to be supporting the lead advocate for the stadium it wouldn’t look good to their supporters.”

Land spend up probed (page 9)
The Government will investigate Delta Utilities’ land spend up around Queenstown. Local Government Minister Rodney Hide’s office this week confirms he is asking officials to investigate Delta land purchases after he was alerted by a concerned Dunedin resident.

Why we may become an insolvent backwater (page 12)
By Calvin Oaten
Within two years Dunedin’s public debt will stand at $684 million, or $13,000 per ratepayer. This compares with $52 million six years ago. The Dunedin City Council’s easy come, easy go approach is creating a debt above the prudent level, argues ratepayer Calvin Oaten.

Letters with stadium mentions…
Your say (pages 11-12)
A case of Guest being brainless? by Peter Attwooll, City Rise
Footnote: Michael Guest replies.
Speculators by Joe van Alphen, Mosgiel
Not canny: Letters by Dave Witherow, Mosgiel, and R Ansin, Clyde Hill
Stadium piles by Carol Sawyer, Mosgiel
Footnote: Darren Burden, development director of the Carisbrook Stadium Trust replies.

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