Stadium: Edgar will honour $1M personal pledge to project

KUDOS to Dunedin’s Bev Butler for putting the pressure on !!!

Thanks to Wilma McCorkindale (Fairfax) for professional follow-up

Queenstown Mirror 10.7.13 (page 1)

Queenstown Mirror 10.7.13 (page 1 detail)Queenstown Mirror 10.7.13 (page 2 detail)

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DScene 13.5.09 (page 9) Eion Edgar c3### DScene 13 May 2009
The Insider: Big questions answered
Mr Generous isn’t slowing down
Winter Games NZ chairman Eion Edgar | Interviewed by Ryan Keen
COMMUNITY-MINDED Queenstown-based businessman Eion Edgar, who retired as New Zealand Olympic Committee president last week and left a $1 million donation, on his support for knighthoods, backing Blis and why he’s not slowing down. #bookmark page 9

DScene 13.5.09 (page 9) merge

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10 responses to “Stadium: Edgar will honour $1M personal pledge to project

  1. The (Southern Lakes) Mirror is distributed to the following households:

  2. Allied Press (ODT, Channel 39, The Star) seems intent on running *cat* stories and following bloody young greenies (wrong sort) who think they should take over the world via the October frigging elections.

    No word if Sir Ed the talking horse has already sharpened his pencil to meet his $1M pledge for stadium construction, plus interest. I guess it’s a story ODT would find tasteless to pursue for gents’ reading pleasure.

  3. Peter

    I noticed, in the Regions section of Saturday’s ODT, a story on Central Lakes Trust chairman, Eion Edgar, and National MP Maggie Barry, fronting up for a ‘feel good’ story to do with wilding tree eradication in Central Otago.
    I did think it was rather sweet of the ODT to do this for Eion given the publicity in The Mirror surrounding the $1m donation stadium pledge…information they sought, but did not dare to publish.
    (Naughty naughty of them for not giving him his title though.)

  4. Elizabeth

    Eion NEVER paid up. Mr Dingle, dear god, why.
    [this sizeable print article at tree version will ensure Sir J gets to Eion’s Xmas party this year]

    ### ODT Online Wed, 15 Oct 2014
    Award marks support for project
    By Guy Williams
    Queenstown businessman and philanthropist Sir Eion Edgar said he was humbled to receive an ”outstanding achievement” award from the Graeme Dingle Foundation.
    Read more

    For more on Sir Humble enter *edgar* in the search box at right.

  5. Elizabeth

    Sir Eion allocates a third of his time to “raising money for good causes” […] “I learnt from the early days that if you put your own money up first, it makes it a lot easier to then ask others.”

    Um, Eion darling, where’s the million you publicly promised as a donation to the stadium construction project, Dunedin City Council hasn’t seen a dime of it yet.

    Another loaded quote [he would know]:

    Coming from Dunedin, whose people, he quips, have very short hands and long pockets….

    Enter the term *eion edgar* in the search box at right.

    ### ODT Online Sat, 31 Jan 2015
    via Mountain Scene
    Community good still drives philanthropist
    As he prepared for his 70th birthday bash yesterday, Queenstown investor and philanthropist Sir Eion Edgar has good news: “I’m not slowing down.” It is good news because, after relocating from Dunedin in December 2003, Sir Eion has already left a significant mark in town.
    Read more

    • Peter

      Absolutely sickening from this creep. Who put the reporter up to this? Edgar or his party boy mate, Julian Smith?
      Note: No mention of how much he has personally committed to his philanthropic causes. Loves spearheading…..apparently…good causes so others will contribute.
      Charities Beware.
      Don’t you just love it how he fills his garage with unwanted junk. As if. Bullshit. And the media suck up to it without questions. Fools.

  6. Calvin Oaten

    70th!? Is that second time round? The photographer’s effort shows a very well worn 70 if that’s true. He better make the most of it, as it look’s like a few more ‘vinos’ might be enough.

    • Peter

      Often you can afford to look younger if you have the money… and vanity… Calvin.
      Thinking more on this you can’t help thinking the story is a set up. As if the journo checked his birthday diary and suddenly thought, ‘I know what I’m going to write today! A story on Eion turning 70. It’s not as if he is turning 100. 70 is nothing out of the ordinary.
      The junk in the garage is a hoot. Why doesn’t a man worth about $100m give it away? Is he going to have a garage sale?
      Sorry, Eion, you overplayed that one in spades.

  7. Calvin Oaten

    Peter, he has the money and certainly the vanity, but it has it worked? He doesn’t look a day over 85.

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