Delta Utility Services Ltd, full investigation needed

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At Otago Daily Times today:

Responsibility of care (editorial)

Cull, Acklin at odds over Delta

Comment at ODT Online:

Time for accountability
Submitted by russandbev on Tue, 09/07/2013 – 10:28am.
Cr Acklin protesteth too much. He was a councillor when it was determined by Council to insist upon dividends that were being produced by borrowing, he has consistently voted for large scale Council projects including the stadium to be financed through debt, he has been in an informed position when presented with DCHL and Delta accounts and forecasts, but perhaps most importantly, he simply doesn’t understand that a Council cannot subsidise a commercial organisation by the degree that is needed to win contracts.
Delta’s overheads are way way too high and Cr Acklin has been in a position to assist in ensuring that Delta was not involved in land speculation, poor business decisions, commercial sponsorship of professional rugby and the like.
Mayor Cull is right in his position regarding Delta, but surely now is the time to bring all those for this sorry mess to account – including Cr Acklin, [Abridged]
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In a longer opinion piece, Russell Garbutt outlines the ”sorry” tale of Dunedin City Council-owned company Delta as he sees it.

### ODT Online Tue, 9 Jul 2013
Delta heading for drawn-out death
By Russell Garbutt
OPINION The sorry and inevitable story of Delta continues to what union spokesmen have described as a ”long, drawn-out death”, with owners of the company, governance of the company and management of the company all disclaiming any responsibility or accountability for the loss of business and consequent loss of jobs. But it isn’t as though this position has not been able to be foretold with some accuracy by interested observers.
The basic concept of a business activity supplying professional services to the wider community and supplying profits from that business operation to its overall owner – in this case, the Dunedin City Council – is sound. But it requires strong and wise governance to strike the right balance between risky entrepreneurial activities and conservative growth. Most importantly, the governance of such an activity requires some basic business sense.
Many would say, including those recently advised of the loss of their jobs, that for many years this basic governance requirement has been sorely lacking.
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● Russell Garbutt is a long-time critic of the city council and council funding of Forsyth Barr Stadium.

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