South Dunedin Retail Centre

Editor’s note:
This post has been updated following revisions to the DCC project information available online subsequent to the Open Day held on 30 November at the Dunedin Gasworks Musem. The Concept Design Options will be available online for public comment shortly.


Dunedin City Council – Council Projects
South Dunedin Retail Centre

The purpose of the South Dunedin Retail Centre Strategy is to identify an integrated package of actions that can be used to revitalise the retail centre, both economically and socially.

The suggested goals for the strategy are to:
* Re-establish the economic role of the South Dunedin retail centre as a retail destination for the city by developing the centre into a place that people want to visit and spend time.
* Restore the social role of the centre as a place that provides opportunities for local residents to make regular contact with each other while engaged in routine activities.

The package of actions required to achieve these goals will need to include actions by both the Council and the community, in order to be successful.

What is happening and when can you get involved?

Stage one – now completed
Issues and Opportunities – November 2009 to March 2010

Stage two
Options Development – March 2010 to December 2010
* Develop opportunities and options identified as priorities in stage one.
* Undertake more consultation with building and land owners, tenants and key stakeholders who are affected by or will need to contribute to options.
* Opportunity to comment on concept design options online or at King Edward Street until 17 December 2010.

Summer Celebration and Heritage Open Day
An open day for a number of heritage sites around the retail centre as well as other activities, are being planned for late January / early February 2011. Further details will be advertised.

If you would like to find out more or have ideas to offer please contact Emma O’Neill on 477 4000 or email

Stage three
* Draft Strategy – July 2010 to early 2011.
* Preferred option for King Edward Street developed February 2011.
* Prepare Draft Strategy.
* Formal submission period and public hearing process on the Draft Strategy.

Stage four
* Analyse submissions, amend Draft Strategy and release final Strategy.
* Develop detailed design of preferred option for King Edward Street
* Implement projects identified in action plan
* Implement King Edward Street changes

If you have any comments or enquiries please contact Emma O’Neill, City Development Team, City Planning by phone 477-4000 or by email

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14 responses to “South Dunedin Retail Centre

  1. Elizabeth

    Register to read D Scene online at

    ### D Scene 1-12-10 (pages 8-9)
    Evidence is elementary
    By Wilma McCorkindale
    Authorities are into their umpteenth round of public consultation on improvements to South Dunedin. Why is the Dunedin City Council doing so much dialogue with locals about it? D Scene reporter Wilma McCorkindale asks DCC principal urban designer Steve Miles.

    Urban redesign for all the right reasons is a concept that’s now getting a big buy in with city developers. Steve Miles is one of a new wave of designers adopting evidence-based urban design in favour of old practices based on ideology.

    ‘‘There is no substitute for local knowledge and that is why consultation is such a critical part of what we do. The evidence-based concept is very compatible with consultation based approaches. This is the best way of doing what your community wants. There is very little pushing your ideas. We use our expertise as designers to introduce the best way of doing things.’’

    Continues #bookmark

  2. Elizabeth

    Ideology doesn’t have to be a dirty word. It’s a shame not to employ it too in fostering urban design solutions.

    You can’t tell me the current exercise for South Dunedin is free of ideology. No need to be pure, folks. Dunedin’s built environment has been founded and developed by way of many ideologies, some raucous, some seeping – and look at the result, a very liveable city…a very liveable South Dunedin.

    Design is always tainted if not enlivened by very strong streaks of ideology – no need to be scared of it, or to render it conceptually as an imposition, block or stasis for people and environment.

    The great Council experiment. Oh dear. Lots of honest intentions, but let some mud in, some mixing – that’s life. Parts of life are theory, a lot of life is ideology . . . who is Dunedin City Council to suggest we can’t touch or play with the whole lot as a series of communities. Can can’t . . . binary opposites, evidence v ideology.

    Ouch. Scary most days is the mere idea of ideology enshrined in the words “City Development Team”.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Thu, 2 Dec 2010
      Retail revival plans outlined
      By Eileen Goodwin
      “South Dunedin is a wonderful place, but it needs a bit of tidying up.”
      Attending this week’s South Dunedin retail centre revitalisation information day, Phyllis Munro said she was pleased with the Dunedin City Council’s plan to inject new life into the area. The council, and engineering consultancy firm Beca Carter Hollings and Ferner, commissioned by the council, unveiled three options at the Gasworks Museum.
      Read more

  3. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Sat, 4 Dec 2010
    Some oppose market expansion
    By David Loughrey
    An Otago Farmers Market plan to expand its operations to South Dunedin has attracted both support and opposition as the issue heads to a resource consent hearing. While supporters have argued the new market will provide opportunities for South Dunedin people to easily access the popular market, opponents have highlighted the potential effects on neighbours, including noise, parking, road safety and rubbish.
    Read more


    Otago Farmers Market Trust (LUC-2010-461)

    30.11.10 NZ Herald’s spin on Dunedin

    • Elizabeth

      Perhaps due to slack caused by the launch of DCC’s website upgrade there was a delay in uploading the South Dunedin Retail Centre development options. They are now available online for public comment:

      Pages on the DCC site:

      * Contact us
      * King Edward Street Concept Design Feedback form


      Issues and Options Consultation Document (PDF, 453.3 KB, new window)
      This document outlines the key issues and proposed options to be considered during the Consultation.

      King Edward St Concept Design – Concept Options (PDF, 4.8 MB, new window)
      This concept plan shows the 3 options developed for King Edward Street.

      King Edward St Concept Design Feedback Form (PDF, 86.3 KB, new window)
      This form can be downloaded and used to submit your feedback on the King Edward St Concept Designs.

      King Edward St Concept Option 1 Plan (PDF, 1.7 MB, new window)
      This concept plan shows Option 1 developed for King Edward Street.

      King Edward St Concept Option 2 Plan (PDF, 1.6 MB, new window)
      This concept plan shows Option 2 developed for King Edward Street.

      King Edward St Concept Option 3 Plan (PDF, 1.6 MB, new window)
      This concept plan shows Option 3 developed for King Edward Street.

      King Edward St Research Summary (PDF, 2.4 MB, new window)
      This document summarises the research undertaken for the King Edward St Concept Designs.

      Summary of Community Engagement on Issues and Opportunities (PDF, 251.9 KB, new window)
      This document outlines the Community Engagement process, a Summary of feedback and the Conclusion and Next Steps.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Mon, 20 Dec 2010
      Need for second farmers market questioned
      By Rebecca Fox
      Concern the proposed Wednesday farmers market could take customers away from Saturday’s established railway station market has been raised by vendors.

      The Otago Farmers Market Trust wants to establish a market in the car park of the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa, in South Dunedin, operating on a Wednesday between 3pm and 7pm, initially during the summer months, although consent was sought for a year-round operation if needed.

      Read more

      • Elizabeth

        ### ODT Online Wed, 26 Jan 2011
        Farmers market delay
        By David Loughrey
        The Otago Farmers Market’s plans to expand to South Dunedin have been put off until November, after organisers decided there was not enough time to get the market going this summer.
        Read more

        • Elizabeth

          ### ODT Online Thu, 3 Mar 2011
          Farmers market focus of TV episode
          By John Lewis
          Chef and television presenter Al Brown is going to talk fresh with anyone who will chat to him at the Otago Farmers Market in Dunedin on Saturday as he films another episode of his latest show Get Fresh. Fisheye Films producer Peter Young, of Christchurch, said the show would celebrate regional and seasonal dishes from around New Zealand, and the farmers market was an ideal place to film for the Otago segment of the show.
          Read more

        • Elizabeth

          ### ODT Online Mon, 7 Mar 2011
          ‘Window to the province’
          By Rebecca Fox
          Intrigued by manuka-smoked eggs and “blown away” by the variety on offer at Dunedin’s Otago Farmers Market, chef Al Brown faced a dilemma when it came to deciding what to cook for his latest television show. From the local fish species to the stone fruit and the produce from the “fertile Taieri plain”, there was a lot to choose from, he said.
          Read more

        • Elizabeth

          ### ODT Online Wed, 4 May 2011
          Relaunch for organic recycling scheme
          By David Loughrey
          The Dunedin City Council and Otago Farmers Market Trust are relaunching what they say is an organic recycling scheme which has the potential to be taken up across the country. The relaunch is necessary because the scheme did not work well enough when first introduced last year, but council waste strategy officer Cath Irvine said yesterday changes introduced should fix the problems.
          Read more

        • Elizabeth

          ### ODT Online Mon, 4 Jul 2011
          Otago Farmers Market wins top award
          The Otago Farmers Market has taken the top prize in the Taste Farmers Markets Awards. It beat 40 other farmers markets nationwide to take the Market of the Year category with 2466 votes.
          Read more

          Related Post and Comments:
          11.4.09 Otago Farmers Market organisers respond

  4. peter

    I love the market and go most weeks, but many of the stall holders must check their prices. Often it is cheaper at the supermarket, despite higher overheads, and in these harder times cost wins out.

    • Elizabeth

      peter, customers are the best people to tell vendors their prices are too high. I’ll pass this on. OFM management, unfortunately, can’t regulate pricing. The customers’ stern message and putting their dollars to other vendors who charge less is the only way. Greed operates in a cash economy – I hate that. Buyer beware is the ground rule.

  5. peter

    Personally, I find telling people their prices are too high, too hard to do. A bit soft on my part, I suppose. I just don’t go back.

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