Daily Archives: November 22, 2010


As mentioned in the comments here someone pressed the wrong button the other day, and in true internet style, someone (me) was watching.

Interesting story in the ODT (Online) I finally got to read on Sunday morning about the last truss of the stadium being put in place. Cool I thought, get down there over the weekend and get some pics (as you do), only problem, the stadium truss isn’t up?

Now unless I missed something and the truss went up and is now back down again, this was a wee whopsie by the ODT, of course this was picked up the by the keen eyes of the readers of Whatif. The truss is firmly stuck to the ground and still being completed. I went back to the web page again today to see what the story is, and of course the article has been taken down.

I just hope they pre publish the results of the Melbourne Cup next year, give the folks of Dunedin a chance to get a bet on ;-)


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