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South Dunedin Retail Centre

Editor’s note:
This post has been updated following revisions to the DCC project information available online subsequent to the Open Day held on 30 November at the Dunedin Gasworks Musem. The Concept Design Options will be available online for public comment shortly.


Dunedin City Council – Council Projects
South Dunedin Retail Centre

The purpose of the South Dunedin Retail Centre Strategy is to identify an integrated package of actions that can be used to revitalise the retail centre, both economically and socially.

The suggested goals for the strategy are to:
* Re-establish the economic role of the South Dunedin retail centre as a retail destination for the city by developing the centre into a place that people want to visit and spend time.
* Restore the social role of the centre as a place that provides opportunities for local residents to make regular contact with each other while engaged in routine activities.

The package of actions required to achieve these goals will need to include actions by both the Council and the community, in order to be successful.

What is happening and when can you get involved?

Stage one – now completed
Issues and Opportunities – November 2009 to March 2010

Stage two
Options Development – March 2010 to December 2010
* Develop opportunities and options identified as priorities in stage one.
* Undertake more consultation with building and land owners, tenants and key stakeholders who are affected by or will need to contribute to options.
* Opportunity to comment on concept design options online or at King Edward Street until 17 December 2010.

Summer Celebration and Heritage Open Day
An open day for a number of heritage sites around the retail centre as well as other activities, are being planned for late January / early February 2011. Further details will be advertised.

If you would like to find out more or have ideas to offer please contact Emma O’Neill on 477 4000 or email south.dunedin@dcc.govt.nz

Stage three
* Draft Strategy – July 2010 to early 2011.
* Preferred option for King Edward Street developed February 2011.
* Prepare Draft Strategy.
* Formal submission period and public hearing process on the Draft Strategy.

Stage four
* Analyse submissions, amend Draft Strategy and release final Strategy.
* Develop detailed design of preferred option for King Edward Street
* Implement projects identified in action plan
* Implement King Edward Street changes

If you have any comments or enquiries please contact Emma O’Neill, City Development Team, City Planning by phone 477-4000 or by email south.dunedin@dcc.govt.nz

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NZ Herald’s spin on Dunedin

How to push the Otago Farmers Market, yusss!!

### nzherald.co.nz 5:30 AM Tuesday Nov 30, 2010
Dunedin: Buckets of cool charm
By Rachel Grunwell
Like your frocks fabulous and your produce pesticide-free? Dunedin’s for you, writes Rachel Grunwell.

Dunedin is cold and there’s nothing much to do there. Yeah right, as the folks at Tui would say (with apologies to Speights). Rather, Dunedin boasts gourmet kai, fabulous fashion, world-class festivals, stunning scenery fit for the big screen and a deliciously scandalous castle with secret gardens.

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DCC Finance, Strategy and Development Committee

A meeting of the Finance, Strategy and Dvelopment Committee was held on Monday 29 November 2010, in the Fullwood Room, Level 3, Dunedin Centre at 2.00 PM.

Agenda – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 46.6 KB, new window)

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 224.8 KB, new window)
Reconstitution of working parties

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 284.7 KB, new window)
Purchase Card Review – attachment

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 1.6 MB, new window)
Stadium Update

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 43.7 KB, new window)
Purchase Card Internal Audit Review

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 2.1 MB, new window)
Tourism Dunedin Annual Report 2010

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 46.9 KB, new window)
Waipori Fund

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 76.7 KB, new window)
Project Fund

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 177.4 KB, new window)
Commercial Filming Policy

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 101.3 KB, new window)
Increase in the capital of Dunedin City Holdings Ltd

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 412.7 KB, new window)
Financial result

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 156.3 KB, new window)
Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 76.3 KB, new window)
DCHL Election

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 99.2 KB, new window)
Directors’ fees

According to the reports above DCC has a Community Resilience Forum… (formerly the Community Sustainability Panel). The new name seems most appropriate when viewed in relation to the Council’s brazen spend on the stadium and the entirety of the Council’s debt management systems.

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Frustrations over new DCC website

On Sunday 27 November DCC launched its website upgrade http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/

Site navigation is impaired – the old site worked better for quick access to council committee minutes, agendas and reports.

The Council’s standing committees are listed here.

You can no longer click a link for each committee to bring up the whole of its minutes, agendas and reports in date order – the most practical way (for me) of doing quick search. You have to use the prescribed search tool (blah).

The search function is a dog, it’s slow to key in your search if you’re searching multiple documents or are unfamiliar with ‘what’ to search. The search page fails to let you know your search has been successful by autoscrolling the results up your page. I stupidly keyed in repeat searches without realising the search had completed successfully.

Admit I have the tendency to miss obvious things, I’m a computing novice! You need to be more than this to deal with such a busy jam-packed website.


Dunedin City Council
Media Release

24 November 2010

New Look for DCC Website

The Dunedin City Council’s website has been refreshed and the new-look site will be live from 27 November.

Since the website went live in July 2008, feedback has suggested that customers seek improved functionality, more accessible navigation elements and enhanced online services as well as improvements to layout and appearance.

Accessibility for those with visual, hearing or other impairments has been improved with a text-only version now available, high contrast, and contextual links for those who use screen readers.

DCC Webmaster, Sean Lee, says, “This is the site’s first major overhaul since it was created in July 2008 and we will continue to monitor it to identify usage trends and customers’ requirements. We seek our customers’ feedback and do our best to accommodate all we receive.”

The next stage in the DCC’s website refresh will be a complete review of the content to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date.

Contact DCC on 477 4000.


Council media releases no longer feature a review date and time (dates feature at the home page and here) – this should be rectified too at each release page.

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DCC borrowing capacity

### ODT Online Tue, 30 Nov 2010
$250m rise in DCC borrowing capacity
By Stu Oldham and David Loughrey
The Dunedin City Council looks set to increase its capacity to borrow by $250 million to provide security for gross debt that should hit $712 million by 2013. Its finance, strategy and development committee yesterday agreed by just one vote to get the council to increase Dunedin City Holdings’ (DCHL) uncalled capital to $850 million.

Crs Brown, Bill Acklin, John Bezett, Neil Collins, Paul Hudson, Andrew Noone and Richard Thomson voted to recommend the council increase DCHL’s capital by $250 million. Crs Wilson, Vandervis, Jinty MacTavish, Chris Staynes, Teresa Stevenson and Mayor Dave Cull voted against the recommendation.

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