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New Scientist: Water, water everywhere

Electricity and water form the lifeblood of our cities. As populations grow and we switch to renewable sources of power, neither will be as plentiful as they are today. In the first of three articles, produced in association with IBM, New Scientist explores how to handle these precious resources in smarter ways. This week, Fred Pearce visits Singapore, which has become the world leader in catching, using and recycling water.
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Thinking about Dunedin, how would you answer the New Scientist poll?

Which of the measures taken by Singapore would you most like to see adopted in your area?

– Damming river estuaries to create reservoirs
– Encouraging consumers to use less water
– Prevention of serious water leaks
– Recycling water from surface runoff
– Desalination of seawater
– None of the above. Everything’s fine


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