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YouTube Rugby World Cup channel

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YouTube – Stadium of Four Million
From: rugbyworldcup | 12 October 2009

Welcome to the ‘Stadium of Four Million’ – video produced for New Zealand’s bid to host Rugby World Cup 2011. (0:55)

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Meanwhile at new Yankee Stadium…

The new Yankee Stadium was one of the city’s signature construction projects. The design work on the stadium, including on the ramps, was performed by Populous, a company in Kansas City, Missouri.

### ODT Online October 23, 2009
Cracks Emerge in Ramps at New Yankee Stadium
By William K Rashbaum and Ken Belson

The concrete pedestrian ramps at the brand-new $1.5 billion city-subsidized Yankee Stadium have been troubled by cracks, and the team is seeking to determine whether the problems were caused by the installation, the design, the concrete or other factors, according to several people briefed on the problems. The ramps were built by a company accused of having links to the mob, and the concrete mix was designed and tested by a company under indictment on charges that it failed to perform some tests and falsified the results of others. But it is unclear whether work performed by either firm contributed to the deteriorating conditions of the ramps.
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David Waldstein contributed reporting.

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Rodney Wilson: Dunedin as national heritage city

“Pride in the beauty and the buildings endures while enthusiasm for rugby teams rises and falls on the rankings.”

### ODT Online Sat, 24 Oct 2009
Editorial: Astonishing heritage
When senior museum consultant Rodney Wilson was commissioned by the Dunedin City Council to help review management structures at the city’s museums and the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, he went off at a rather large tangent. He began his report by saying he was going beyond his brief to describe the context in which the museums are found. He called this Dunedin’s special heritage.
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The editorial neglects to mention Melbourne (Australia), now there’s a heritage city that truly means it. A good role model for Dunedin City Council to consider.


### ODT Online Sat, 24 Oct 2009
Artefact shift begins
By John Gibb
The Otago Settlers Museum’s planned redevelopment project moved ahead another step this week, with the first collection items being moved into the museum’s new $8.6 million storage building.
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Stadium: white wall goes ‘community’

### ODT Online Sat, 24 Oct 2009
Pupils take art to stadium
By Ellie Constantine

From drab to fab, the transformation of the Forsyth Barr Stadium site wall in Dunedin began this week. Ravensbourne School pupils were the first group to paint a mural on the wall after an invitation by Keep Dunedin Beautiful.
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