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STS postpones general meeting due to own constitution!

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Important notice to all STS members.


The general meeting to have been held this Sunday has been postponed until Sunday, 15th November.

The venue and time remain the same: Pioneer Women’s Hall, 362, Moray Place (near Dick Smith’s), at 3:00pm.

It has been decided to adopt this later date because some of our members were not given adequate notice for this Sunday. (Our constitution stipulates seven days notice, and, despite the inconvenience, we must abide by this requirement).
The proposed changes in direction and objectives for STS are included below. These will be moved and debated on 15th November. Please put this date in your calendar, and come along to have your say on the future of your city.

Proposed Changes to the Constitution


• Objects
The objects of the Society are:
– To ensure through effective action that the construction of a publicly funded stadium at Awatea Street is prevented from happening
– To ensure that the views of the members of the Society are communicated effectively through all means at the Society’s disposal to the wider community
– To provide an asset base for associated research and communication in line with the Society’s aims

Proposed change (i)
To ensure through effective action that the adverse impacts of the construction of the publically funded stadium at Awatea St are contained as far as possible.
To promote due democratic process in Dunedin City and Otago.

Proposed change (ii)
The management team may at any time and shall within fourteen days after the requisition in writing of at least 10 (CHANGE TO 20) convene an extraordinary General Meeting for any specific purpose or purposes.

Proposed change (iii)
That the name “Stop The Stadium” be changed to “SORT THE SYSTEM”

President and Committee, STS.

Latest notice at Stop The Stadium! website…

Join Us

Most councillors in the DCC appear to have lost the plot.

They ignore the desires of the majority of their rate payers and push forward with their plans irrespective of the opinions of experts. One bit of democracy they can’t ignore are their local-body elections.

Help us send them on their way… Join us!


Since STS have every intention of footing candidates at the 2010 local body elections, the good people of Dunedin should seriously consider the kind of peril the election of these individuals would bring to the council, the local economy, business development, community relations and the position this region occupies in the national and international contexts. We can’t afford to take their risk.

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