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Breakfast on the Bridge – Sydney perfect!

They rolled out 10,000 square metres of lawn, a piano player played honky-tonk music while fifteen grazing cows added a rustic touch.

Breakfast on the Bridge is part of the Crave Sydney festival, a major celebration of Sydney’s way of life, offering 31 days of food, art, comedy and outdoor fun, including the Sydney International Food Festival.

It only cost a million dollars – not much, to celebrate your place, your community, regional food and a great example of engineering heritage.

Breakfast on the Bridge
Originally uploaded by Charlie Brewer*

### Daily Press 9:26 p.m. EDT, October 24, 2009
Sydney Harbour Bridge transformed into grassy picnic ground for Sunday breakfast
By Associated Press
Thousands of people ate breakfast on the Sydney Harbour Bridge as the iconic steel span was transformed Sunday into a grassy picnic ground. Usually bustling with traffic, the bridge was covered by lawn laid specially for the morning event. It was attended by 6,000 lucky picnickers chosen in a ballot to enjoy food, music and the majestic view. New South Wales state Premier Nathan Rees said the tourism promotion would likely become an annual event. Read more + photos

### 3 News Sun, 25 Oct 2009 14:01
Sydney Harbour Bridge covered in grass for a picnic – Video
The normally traffic-logged Sydney Harbour Bridge has been covered in grass for a Sunday picnic as part of a tourism promotion. Watch video

### news.com.au
Gallery: Bridge brekkie
Starting at 4.00am photographer and film crews climbed onto the bridge to photograph the visitors. *Photographs by Charles Brewer.

### Epoch Times Last Updated Oct 23, 2009
Bridge Breakfasters Lay Down the Lawn
“The kikuyu grass being laid across six lanes of the iconic landmark for Breakfast on the Bridge on Sunday morning is from the same source as the turf at Sydney Cricket Ground and the Olympic Stadium. It is being transported by 10 trucks to the bridge and will be laid between the bridge’s two pylons overnight.” AAP Link

Unfortunately, at Dunedin we won’t be able to lay lawn over the stadium.

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