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A Number of Short Videos by animator and cartoonist Douglas Field, formerly embedded at the What if? Dunedin website are no longer available for viewing. The author was contacted after holes suddenly appeared in What if? posts and comments.

It turns out Douglas had committed to a spot of housekeeping at his YouTube channel and the links were lost.

Because of healthy, greedy, viewer interest in Douglas’s craft, and the utmost value we place on the political satire, joy and reach he stirs, Douglas has generously offered to upload the animations when he has time.

Douglas, you have No Idea how much we miss your “subtle” characterisations and “situational histories” —COME BACK Douglas Field lololol

GIF files

The Delta Affair by Douglas Field 23.2.16

The Kingmaker acts [Douglas Field 25.2.16]

Besides, Douglas, it’s ELECTION YEAR. We’re Desperate.
Madness has to be tracked.

Douglas Field's room with Easter Egg []

No rednecks, according to MickyW.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.


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6 responses to “Site Notice

  1. Hype O'Thermia

    Excellent! I’d been wondering if someone disguised as a traffic warden had visited him and asked how much he cared about his kneecaps.

  2. Elizabeth

    Douglas Field – Mar 2016
    julian's in office with stooges and lee [Douglas Field 15.3.16] 1

    The ODT finds the real target small

  3. Elizabeth

    Douglas Field – Feb 2016

    councillors on knife edge [Douglas Field] 1

    Douglas Field – 25 Apr 2016

    jan wright baking pie Douglas Field 25.4.16

    Douglas Field – 26 Apr 2016

    lee pushing head in mudtank words [Douglas Field 26.4.16] detail

  4. Observer

    Fascinating how depicting serious facts can be so comical. There is much to hide when he in charge prevents need-to-know questions from being answered.

  5. Observer

    Fascinating how depicting serious facts can be so comical. There is much to hide when he in charge prevents need to know questions from being answered.

  6. Elizabeth

    Received this evening – Douglas Field’s links to re-embed his video animations.

    Onto the rethreading tomorrow.

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