Calder Stewart playing games at Carisbrook

S H I F T I N G ● T H E ● G O A L ● P O S T S

█ Site zoned industrial under district plan and proposed 2GP.

█ Company lobbying to evade set condition for 10.5m setback —for own commercial gain.

### ODT Online Mon, 15 Aug 2016
Old stadium site ruling questioned
By David Loughrey
The company that owns the former Carisbrook Stadium site in South Dunedin is calling on the Dunedin City Council to scrap a 10.5m setback suggested for its Burns St frontage. Calder Stewart says the setback will cover 1963sq m of land worth about $600,000, and will not provide the benefits suggested in the second generation district plan (2GP). The company took its concerns to the 2GP hearings last week, as a hearings committee considered what the next district plan will look like. […] Research undertaken by the University of Otago had shown South Dunedin had a low population of native birds because of a lack of habitat, and planting of native or exotic trees there would provide a valuable habitat resource.
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Dunedin Jan-03 [] 1Dunedin Jan 2003. Image:

Carisbrook 26.5.13. Rob Hamlin 1Carisbrook May 2013. Image: Rob Hamlin

DCC Webmap - Carisbrook, South Dunedin JanFeb 2013DCC Webmap – Carisbrook, South Dunedin JanFeb 2013


Source: Wikipedia

Broke ground 1881 | Opened 1883 | Closed 2011 | Demolition starting 2013

Former Tenants:
Otago Rugby Football Union | Highlanders (Super 14) (1996–2011)

Carisbrook was a major sporting venue in Dunedin, New Zealand. The city’s main domestic and international rugby union venue, it was also used for other sports such as cricket, football, rugby league and motocross. Carisbrook also hosted a Joe Cocker concert and frequently hosted pre-game concerts before rugby matches in the 1990s. In 2011 Carisbrook was closed, and was replaced by Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza in North Dunedin.
Floodlit since the 1990s, it could cater for both day and night fixtures. Known locally simply as “The Brook”, it has been branded with the name “The House of Pain”, due to its reputation as a difficult venue for visiting teams.
Located at the foot of The Glen, a steep valley, the ground was flanked by the South Island Main Trunk Railway and the Hillside Railway Workshops, two miles southwest of Dunedin city centre in the suburb of Caversham. State Highway 1 also ran close to the northern perimeter of the ground.
Carisbrook was named after the estate of early colonial settler James Macandrew (itself named after a castle on the Isle of Wight). Developed during the 1870s, it was first used for international cricket in 1883, when Otago hosted a team from Tasmania. It hosted rugby union internationals since 1908 and full cricket internationals since 1955.
The stadium was home to both the Highlanders in Super Rugby and Otago in the ITM Cup through each side’s respective 2011 season. It is also the former home of Otago cricket, which moved to the University Oval at Logan Park in the north of the city after the redevelopment in the early 2000s, and also of Otago United Football team in the New Zealand Football Championship, which moved to the lower-capacity Sunnyvale Park for the 2008–09 season.
█

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.


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17 responses to “Calder Stewart playing games at Carisbrook

  1. Elizabeth

    ODT 15.8.16 (page 6)

    ODT 15.8.16 Letter to Editor Heneghan p6

    Random dude thinks Dunedin Ratepayers subsidising the fubar stadium by +$20M each and every year (DVML and debt servicing) is the immaculate conception that is Ox.

    ✖ Circa 54,000 ratepayers to hold up Mayor Dave Cull’s Nuclear (Stadium) Financial Mess

    ✖ Dunedin City Council’s consolidated debt at +$600M – thx Dave Cull (high per capita rates debt, second only to Auckland)

    ✖ Crippling cumulative rates increases – D’oh Dave

  2. Elizabeth

    O X
    Started at Carisbrook and went on to better things at fubar ?

    6.2.14 Stadium Turf: Ox with a passion
    10.9.14 Stadium: Behaviours at Suite 29 (intrepid tales)

  3. Ray

    The headline is quite misleading on this one. It should read “DCC Playing Game At Carisbrook”.

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    Condition or suggestion: “…calling on the Dunedin City Council to scrap a 10.5m setback suggested for its Burns St frontage”?
    I’m all in favour of encouraging birds by providing habitat, and best of all by providing a “corridor” of trees for them to tootle through taking a safe sit-down along the way. It’s certainly made a big difference up our way where by coincidence several of us planted more trees and minimised tiresome lawn-mowing. But isn’t it a bit of a nerve to sell property and tell the new owner to plant trees? If the DCC wanted a patch of native bush at Carisbrook why didn’t it re-survey, give itself the necessary permits and sell the remainder?

    • Elizabeth

      We haven’t seen the conditions of sale.

      Or the submissions made to hearing by Calder Stewart.
      We will try to rustle these up – they may be online, we haven’t looked.
      (2GP Aversion Sickness)

      Given the houses to Burns Street a buffer between them and Industry that is wider is better.

      Let the truth be outed.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Elizabeth: “We haven’t seen the conditions of sale.” Yes, that’s why I’m querying it. From ODT, above, “The company that owns the former Carisbrook Stadium site in South Dunedin is calling on the Dunedin City Council to scrap a 10.5m setback suggested for its Burns St frontage.”
        It sounds a muddly way of doing things. There are district plan etc rules about how close to boundary, what height etc in certain areas, how much parking for commercial premises, wheelchair accessible – all manner of rules and restrictions. But this looks like vendor is adding a “suggestion” and while it is very likely a Good Thing, if the DCC wanted to control that piece of land why did they sell it, and is the current owner obliged to obey?

  5. Elizabeth

    Sun, 11 Sep 2016
    ODT: No progress on Carisbrook as weeds take hold
    The wait continues for an end to the eyesore of Carisbrook. The former South Dunedin stadium site, now home to a collection of rubble and weeds, has been an unsightly mess on the city’s southern entrance since being demolished for new owners Calder Stewart in 2014.
    Council staff have since confirmed a conservation plan for the turnstile building was being developed, and a timetable for the project would follow.

  6. Anonymous

    A number of noxious weeds have had a strangle hold on this city for some time. This is just another example of the disease which has brought so much rot and ruin.

  7. Elizabeth

    It seems the title of the post at the top of this thread is well deserved and increasingly pertinent. Calder Stewart utterly deserves the full DCC rocket.

    All this after everything fraudulent that occurred for Carisbrook ground in relation to the Otago Rugby Football Union and The Highlanders [not forgetting the role council-owned Delta Utility Services Ltd took in supporting Professional Rugby] through the unlawful siphoning and misuse of ratepayer funds year in year out, prior to and during the ‘massive erection’ [RORT of public funds] brought on by fubar stadium…. Which in turn has deliberately caused the criminal neglect of Otago’s power network by Aurora/Delta…. in the company of further Rorts to do with Delta’s property speculations at Luggate, Jacks Point and (ONGOING) Yaldhurst – thank you very much Dunedin’s Stuart McLauchlan, Steve Thompson and (very nameable) Evil and Corrupt Friends.

    Lowlifes abound, with Calder Stewart being as skanky and colluding as the all other GOBs.

    What is it about fricking Dunedin.

    ”It is disappointing to see a professional company that does a lot of land development not complying with the rules,” –Phil Marshall, DCC

    Wed, 11 Jan 2017
    ODT: Consent dispute on work at Carisbrook
    Constuction company Calder Stewart faces enforcement action after kicking up a dust cloud with “illegal” work at the former Carisbrook site in South Dunedin. […] Mr Marshall confirmed no resource or building consent applications had been received, and he was not aware of the company’s plans. Cont/

  8. Hype O'Thermia

    Watch out, Calder Stewart. DCC are at this very moment preparing a contract (one of their favoured suppliers of course) for supply of one moist bus ticket with which to carry out the “enforcement action” referred to, above.

  9. Elizabeth

    Calder Stewart heads TRIED IT ON, and failed.

    Thu, 12 Jan 2017
    ODT: Company to stop Carisbrook work
    Calder Stewart has agreed to halt work at the former Carisbrook site after accepting earthworks were being carried out without the required consent, the Dunedin City Council says. Council senior planner Phil Marshall said he had spoken to the company’s planner yesterday morning, who agreed a fresh consent was needed for earthworks at the site. The company would stop work at the site by tomorrow, avoiding the need for the council to serve an abatement notice, and would seek a fresh consent for the work by January 25, Mr Marshall said. Cont/

  10. Elizabeth

    If approved, development “one of the single largest brownfield industrial sites in Dunedin”. –Ryder Consultants

    Wed, 15 Feb 2017
    ODT: Carisbrook project revealed
    Plans for a large industrial warehouse and office development have been revealed for the former Carisbrook site. Calder Stewart has filed a resource consent application with the Dunedin City Council to begin phase one of the site’s development, it was confirmed yesterday. The company wants to build a single-storey, 3875sqm industrial warehouse, together with a 302sqm office, plus a yard, car parks and vehicle access. The identity of the tenant is not yet known, but is expected to be revealed soon. Cont/

  11. Elizabeth

    Thu, 16 Feb 2017
    ODT Editorial: Encouraging signs at Carisbrook
    OPINION ….a significant part of the former Carisbrook site is being redeveloped. Owner Milton-based Calder Stewart has filed a resource consent application with the Dunedin City Council to begin phase one of the site’s development. The first stage plans are for a substantial industrial warehouse (said to be for a steel company), an office, yard, car parks and vehicle access […] This takes advantage of its strategic location, near the state highway, Hillside Rd and the railway line. Auto Court Dunedin is already established there, and flat cleared industrial-zoned land could well appeal to others. There could well be further manufacturing, transport or engineering developments. Cont/

  12. Elizabeth

    At Facebook:

    Wed, 1 Mar 2017
    ODT: United at ‘Fletcher-brook’
    By Chris Morris
    Three branches of the Fletcher Building group will come together when 30 staff relocate to a new business “hub” at the former Carisbrook site in South Dunedin. The companies – Fletcher Reinforcing, Easysteel and Dimond – were yesterday confirmed as the tenants set to occupy a large industrial warehouse and office development planned for the former sports ground. The three companies are offshoots of Steel Distribution, itself part of the Fletcher group, and already had a presence in Dunedin, employing 30 staff spread across two premises. Cont/

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