Professor Robert “Bob” Carter RIP

Robert Merlin “Bob” Carter (9 March 1942 – 19 January 2016) was an English palaeontologist, stratigrapher and marine geologist who is perhaps best known as a prominent Australian climate change skeptic. He was professor and head of the School of Earth Sciences at James Cook University from 1981 to 1998.

Gurglars emailed me on Sunday about the Obituary:

ODT 5.3.16 (page 32)

ODT 5.3.16 Obituary Robert Carter p32[click to enlarge]

Then I heard from Mick (Douglas Field) on Monday:

You will have read the obituary (ODT Saturday) to Bob Carter who died in January this year. As you know he was a prominent sceptic re climate science and was more or less bannished from James Cook University in Queenslamd. You wll also know of his strong connection to the University of Otago.
Chris Monckton (The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley) has written a rather charming piece of music that he has called Bob Carter’s Peal. It was originally written for piano but it has been modified by the clever people at Edinburgh University (Chris lives in Edinburgh) who made a version with the sound of the bells of Ghent Cathedral.

Go to: Article + Audio

“Professor Robert Carter of James Cook University, who died in January 2016, has been immortalised in a clock-tune written by one of his friends in the manner of a Turmuhrglockenspielsonatine by the Baroque German composer Johann Sebastian Bach. This poignant but merry tune has been described as “the loveliest bell-tune ever written”. Traditionally, the Classical composers wrote clock-tunes to commemorate the weddings or funerals of their friends.

Professor Robert Carter, a geologist, became internationally famous in the last two decades of his life because he was one of the very few scientists who had the courage publicly to question some of the more extreme claims made by advocates of the apocalyptic theory of global warming. As the reported rate of global warming (even after much ever-upward adjustment of the linear-regression trends on all of the principal global-temperature datasets) continues to be very considerably below the rates that had been predicted, his polite but incisive questioning of what has become a substitute for true religion in the academic world will one day be seen to have been prescient.
Bob Carter was personally distressed by the extent to which the academic world had abandoned the scientific method in the rent-seeking pursuit of ever-larger grants from governments panicked or profiting by the climate scare. His university, which makes much money out of global warming by this questionable method, felt threatened by its leading professor’s heresy. Shoddily, the vice-chancellor, to his eternal shame and to that of his university, presided over the abandonment of all pretense at academic freedom: the university took various frankly malicious steps to Bob Carter’s detriment, the last of which was the withdrawal of his right as an emeritus professor to continue to use the library of the university that he had served so long and so well.
He was deeply distressed not so much by his university’s mistreatment of him in the closing years of his long and distinguished life as by its totalitarian rejection of the essential and formerly sacrosanct principle of academic freedom to dissent from profitable orthodoxy. Despite the university’s petty-minded and self-serving misconduct, he remained cheerfully and determinedly active to the last, attending the UN climate summit in Paris in December 2015.”

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2 responses to “Professor Robert “Bob” Carter RIP

  1. Gurglars

    Here’s another zealot – this one, another primary school educated vegan nurse who wants to stop people eating meat because animals provide 51% of greenhouse gases.–nurse-emily-rushton-in-invercargill

    Unfortunately her zealotry is not matched by her IQ as she says that if we stop eating meat it will be a boon for farmers as they will be able to grow oats, dairy farmers will benefit as a result of this as they are going to go broke due to the dairy payout.

    She does not seem to realise that we rarely eat dairy cows, we milk them!

    Also if we are to get rid of the 30,000,000 sheep and millions of cows, just how much methane will be produced from their rotting bodies? After all we are not supposed to eat them.

    However there is now no problem with the concept of anthropomorphic climate change.

    It is now called animalistic climate change and man is exonerated. Just get rid of the animals and man can go on driving to work and we can save a fortune on the 1/2 kilometre of road at the end of Portsmouth drive that so far has cost ratepayers 1.2 million for exactly no purpose at all. No car, bicyclist or pedestrian ever uses the bit that costs.

    Oh and you’ll be able to have fried oatmeal for tea rather than a nice juicy Angus t-bone steak.

    • Please don’t bag nurses. The only certainties in Life are Death and Nurses. Of course this idea is a bit silly, but you don’t get to RN with average IQ. As I understand it, vegans eschew any product associated with animals. Thus, milk’s out and animal sourced cooking oil, mayonnaise (Hold the Mayo Clinic). It is specific and particular diet, which takes planning when catering a social event. For myself, I eschew (ie don’t chew), any cloven hoofed, catfish, or clawed seafood.

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