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Wed, 10 Mar 2016 at 4:40 a.m.

The post ‘Delta #EpicFail —Noble Subdivision : Conflict of Interest for Dummies’ by Christchurh Driver [CD], published early morning 9 Mar 2016, has been removed following an email received from DCHL.

Editorial discretion.

For their own records, readers/contributors should retain a copy of any posts or comments they value as submitted to What if? Dunedin for publication.
The Site owner cannot guarantee and is not obliged to provide copy of any postings lost once editorial redaction or file removal has commenced.

Elizabeth Kerr
Site owner


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2 responses to “Site notice: post removed

  1. ChCh Observer

    Stating of facts and freedom of speach is a right essential for society. I hope DCHL, Crombie and Co don’t use the power and money of the Dunedin ratepayers to threaten you to prevent ratepayers receving information they have a right to know.
    Keep up the good work Elizabeth.

  2. Diane Yeldon

    Wonder if I’m allowed to comment on not being allowed to comment on something. Will criticize Dunedin City Holdings Ltd for (apparently) making a censorship decision. If they didn’t agree with public comment, they had the option of making a public statement explaining their point of view. Would have been a much better public relations move in my view. They do not have the same status as a purely private company and I think they have an obligation to keep Dunedin ratepayers informed of the way the company is structured and something of its business dealings – additionally and not purely as a consequence of legally required reporting to the DCC. No wonder political apathy appears to rule when public commenters always have to be so careful that they cannot be successfully sued for defamation, even when they had no intention to be defamatory and held no malice. We live in a society which claims to value free speech but where prudent induviduals generally keep their mouths shut. This situation is not in the public interest. It merely protects the guilty and often allows them to continue as perpetrators with no one daring to object. And I am saying this in the most general sense with no reference to Dunedin City Holdings Ltd or any individual connected with them.