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Hype O’Thermia
Thursday, 29 August 2013 11:04 a.m.

I don’t think this plan goes far enough.
Real Vision would be:

● shift the roads and railway

● include green energy, sustainability, by flattening any hills that shade residential areas

● rotate any houses, or indeed whole suburbs, so as to make best use of passive solar heating

● arrange houses around best bus routes and hubs

● and of course appoint Malcolm Farry and all retiring councillors and senior Museum staff to a no-spending-limits, no time limits committee

● attempt to acquire the land onto which roads and railways etc have been shifted

● stand back and revel in how much Dunedin’s profile has been raised judged by mentions in news media, satirical sites, standup comedy routines.


Frankly, we’d rather Mr Anderson put effort and intelligence into his client applications for resource consents, plan changes, and – most crucially – his Assessment(s) of Environmental Effects (AEE), in preparing the Council and the Community for the ‘proceeds’ of investor largesse. Glaring instance of deficiency: the formal documentation for Betterways’ proposed ‘$100 million’ apartment and hotel tower at 41 Wharf Street, Dunedin.

As if we don’t have enough problems with DCC’s Transportation Planning and its Planners. Who is he working for now?!!! Sadly, Donald is a resource management planner, NOT an economist or an urban designer by contemporary accreditation… also, he has missed news that DCC is good for $650+ million in consolidated debt.

### ODT Online Thu, 29 Aug 2013
Radical highway plan for city
By Chris Morris
A radical plan to build a new state highway close to Dunedin’s waterfront – freeing other parts of the city from heavy traffic – could be set for another hearing. The idea, developed by Dunedin planning consultant Don Anderson, would see a multi-lane highway built on rail corridor land between the Oval and the start of State Highway 88. It would connect to a new, tree-lined boulevard cutting through to a ”major” inner-city intersection in Frederick St. It would then link to North Dunedin and the Northern Motorway via Cumberland and Great King Sts, which would become two-way, he said.
The new route would replace the city’s existing one-way highway network, easing traffic congestion in the central city and allowing a ”world class” pedestrian-friendly heritage precinct to develop, he believed.
The idea was among 64 submissions to be presented to the Dunedin City Council’s hearings subcommittee, which today will begin hearing the public’s views on the council’s draft transport strategy. Of the 59 submitters, 26 supported the strategy, four did not, and 29 did not state a position.
Read more

Anyone stooping to use the phrase “world class” to describe proposed stuff at Dunedin needs their head read.

Further, we note the significantly low response to the Council’s draft transport strategy! We’re all done with pet roading and cycleway projects and the ABSOLUTE INSANITY that has wrecked city parking, in a small out-of-the-way city marked by SUCH slow incremental growth.

On the other hand, with the RMA amendments… hell, we can shoot this one through in the blink of an eye —Dunedin won’t know what hit it.

[If we propose a new state highway on land Betterways assigns (see ARL animations) for gulags, aren’t we headed for some sort of trouble?]

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  1. ### August 29, 2013 – 6:53pm
    Safety concerns over Transport Strategy
    ‘Safety’ is an area of focus prioritised in the DCC’s Draft Transport Strategy. But one local resident is concerned about cycle accidents and deaths on Dunedin roads – and doesn’t think the strategy is safe enough.

  2. alanbec

    Tangentially, there are pleasing evocations of Old Russia onsite: The Don, from the novel ‘And Quiet Flows The Don’; Rob’s reference to McPravda, the great Soviet Tamara press agency. Salut, ab, formerly of Sovexportfilm.

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