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Politicians keeping DIA/SFO quiet on ORFU and TTCF #pokierorts

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Updated post 7.4.14

Multimillion-dollar pokie scams just won’t go away.

ORFU logoDIA/SFO parade their joint investigations in the media at the same time they appear to avoid TTCF. Why? Remember it was our own ORFU that started the Jokers rorts in 2005 – they bought the Jokers Bars in Auckland and after 18 months sold a 50% stake in Jokers to Mike O’Brien and Harness Racing interests.

It seems Rugby has total immunity in New Zealand, as do Licensing trusts, and on that basis TTCF are just too big to fail.

A post made by Sheriff (Leo Molloy) published at racecafe.co.nz on 30 July 2013 – 06:57 PM was subsequently removed from that site.
On 1 August 2013 Sheriff’s post was reproduced here by Elizabeth Kerr, and accompanied by comments.
What if? Dunedin was made aware of the following today – this post has been updated to remove derogatory content. What if? Dunedin and Elizabeth Kerr apologise unreservedly to Greg Purcell, Chief Executive of New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing, for any offence or distress caused.

7 April 2014

Mr Purcell writes:

“On 3 December 2014, the Wellington District Court (with Mr Molloy’s consent) issued an Order under the Harassment Act.

The court order sets out a series of conditions including that Mr Molloy cannot publish or caused to be published or retain online any statements concerning or about me [Greg Purcell]. You will note that the offending material about me has been removed from the Racecafe website, including the posts which you have republished.

You may be aware that on 20 December 2013 Mr Molloy published an apology to me, stating:

“Over the past three years I have made a number of comments and statements on the Race Cafe website about you and others which have been offensive, insulting or abusive.

Some of my comments have said, or implied, that you are corrupt, fraudulent or dishonest.

I acknowledge and accept that is not the case.

I am sorry that I made these statements and regret any hurt or distress that this has caused. As you know, I am in the process of withdrawing them from the website and have undertaken to stop making such statements in the future.

I fully and sincerely apologise to you for making them.

Yours sincerely,

Leo Molloy””

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