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New Zealand rorts and sports —dependence on gambling and white collar crime

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Losing gaming machine revenue would see many rugby clubs fold, while others would be forced to raise playing fees by up to 500 per cent.
Gambling revenue (2012): Rugby $23,192,037

### ODT Online Mon, 26 Aug 2013
Sports clubs feeding off gamblers
By Steve Deane – New Zealand Herald
Sport in New Zealand is propped up by around $180 million in gambling revenue each year, creating a cycle of dependency health experts have likened to big tobacco sponsorship. While proceeds from Lotto and a levy on TAB sports betting boost the bank balances of most national sports bodies and help fund high performance athletes, pokie gaming trusts are by far the biggest contributor.

Payouts in 2013 have taken the total pokie money contribution to sports funding past the billion-dollar mark over the last seven years.

In 2012 gaming machines contributed $134,202,165 across the sporting sector. The Lotteries grants board provided $41,585,084 – most of which went to Sport New Zealand and High Performance Sport New Zealand. The TAB contributed $3,886,198 to the major sporting associations. It’s money sports administrators say they can’t do without, with many predicting a decline in gambling revenue for their sport would result in children no longer being able to play. That claim has been rubbished by Australasia’s leading authority on gambling harm. APNZ
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### stuff.co.nz Last updated 05:00 25/08/2013
$97k pokie deal ‘naked greed’
By Steve Kilgallon – Sunday Star-Times
A controversial pokie trust paid out nearly $100,000 to a racing group to buy a small piece of racetrack from one of its own club members. The grant made to Gallop South – thoroughbred racing’s umbrella body for Southland and Otago – was then paid to the Oamaru Jockey Club to buy a section of the Oamaru racecourse.

The move has been slammed by industry sources as “pure naked greed” and a “desperate way” to grab pokie funds.

The grant was made by The Trusts Community Foundation (formerly the Trusts Charitable Foundation), subject of several critical stories by the Sunday Star-Times, including its close relationships and multimillion-dollar grant funding of the racing industry. One source close to TTCF said it was a clear case of racing interests “coming up with desperate ways to rort gaming funds with the tacit aproval of an ineffective regulator”.
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21.2.13 DIA, SFO investigation #pokierorts

Russell Garbutt— “It is surely more than a passing interest regarding the latest TTCF rort, and it is illuminating that the DIA are not investigating.”
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Martin Legge— “Worse still this grant was approved in 2011, at the very time TTCF were supposedly under serious investigation by both DIA and OAG.”
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