Dunedin harbourside for oil base?

DCC is doing a lame job of supporting local harbourside businesses. The proposed Plan Change 7: Harbourside must be abandoned in its entirety.

### ODT Online Thu, 18 Mar 2010
Oil expert delivers harbourside warning
Changing the zoning of harbourside land would “kill” Dunedin’s chances of becoming the base for an offshore oil industry. That view was put to the public forum of the Dunedin City Council yesterday by Dunedin business consultant Dr James Henry, who has been involved with the oil industry since the 1970s. Dr Henry described the harbourside industrial area as “unique in the world” because of its “cluster” of engineering industries close to a harbour. NZPA
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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3 responses to “Dunedin harbourside for oil base?

  1. Elizabeth

    It appears all too easy for the general public to forget Chalmers Properties Ltd’s role in the proposed plan change for the Dunedin harbourside area. The plan change has never been the sole province of the Dunedin City Council, because of CPL’s substantial land holdings. CPL, then, has a great deal of say in what happens to the area, the businesses and future uses.

    Being well versed in plan change matters, in order to argue the toss soundly, means Dunedin people must commit to diligence. They will need to make time to read all the relevant reports, public notifications, proposals, press releases, media news, et al documentation available; and participate in stakeholder meetings, public meetings, planning hearings, etc – or pay the appropriate professionals to do that for them… If they want Dunedin to flourish.

    Horribly, practically, not everyone has the time or means, whereas a council or a wealthy corporate entity is geared to bulldoze through change – in a manner that is very often ad hoc and atuned to the interests of private profiteers, as well as being outrageously unsustainable for the community in the long term.


    ### ODT Online Thu, 18 Mar 2010
    Opinion: Harbour uncertainty jeopardising industry
    By Calvin Oaten
    Council critic Calvin Oaten sees a disservice to the city in the way the “redevelopment” of the harbour basin has been touted.
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  2. Phil

    Talking to a couple of planning managers around town, there appears to be concern within DCC itself about how this process has been handled by their chief. From what I understand, the CEO employed external planning consultants directly, to complete the proposals necessary for the planning changes. Presumably with a brief of expected deliverables. Those proposals were then given to the policy planning staff within Council by the CEO, with the policy planning staff then being instructed to endorse those proposals. So while it appears on the surface to be a council recommendation, council staff in fact had little part in the process. Everywhere you turn in this mess, there seems to be a personal agenda involved. All leading back to the same source.

    • Elizabeth

      Correct. We saw who they were at hearing. Not on top of their game, holes or lack of detail in their evidence, as well as being just plain wrong having not done expert research to substantiate their planning positions. Feeble was a word that came to mind at the time.

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