DScene: Michael Guest ‘ruled out standing for mayor, saying he had never considered it’ (page 6)

### DScene 17-3-10
Council lashes out at Chamber (page 4)
By Wilma McCorkindale
Dunedin City Council chief executive Jim Harland has lashed out at the Otago Chamber of Commerce over its challenge against proposed harbourside rezoning. The two organisations are battling the issue out in the Environment Court, and are at the mediation stage.

Last week, John Christie claimed the chamber had been working hard for more than a year to get council to the table on achieving a resolution that would see harbourside access and improved amenity value of the harbourside, but not cost the city jobs. The magapaper says Jim Harland believes the chamber was on dangerous ground and its moves were creating an impossible situation.

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Question of 3D to come up at conference (page 5)
By Wilma McCorkindale
Do science centres see 3D in their futures? That’s just one of the questions being raised at the coming week’s ASPAC science centres conference at Otago Museum. Peter Hayden of the internationally renowned Dunedin-based Natural History New Zealand (NHNZ) is presenting a keynote address on links between NHNZ and Otago Museum, and the challenge of attracting audiences, including the future of 3D in that context. Around 100 delegates are expected to converge on Dunedin for ASPAC.
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The Asia Pacific Network of Science & Technology Centres (ASPAC) was formed in 1997 to facilitate communication and cooperation amongst centres, museums and other organisations which use interactive approaches to encourage excellence and innovation in informal learning and the public understanding of science and technology in the Asia Pacific region. www.aspacnet.org


Guest takes time to return to law (page 6)
By Michelle Sutton
Dunedin city councillor and former Invercargill District Court judge Michael Guest has yet to step back to law – six months after campaigning successfully to be reinstated to the bar – and is refusing to comment on his future direction.
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Advertising feature [excerpt] (page 26) #bookmark
South Dunedin…
“At the end of March the Business Association will be taking part in a meeting with other community bodies and the DCC to review the council’s draft plans for the further development of the Lorne Street site. […] The council’s proposals include plans for enhanced lighting, soft landscaping, outdoor eating areas with tables, seating, and a drinking fountain, and a possible children’s play area. This is just the beginning. It’s an opportunity for local stakeholders to comment on and provide input to the draft plans to make this a truly worthwhile resource for residents and visitors alike. We believe in a positive future for South Dunedin so we’re delighted to see the momentum for redevelopment of the area building so strongly.”
–Jane Orbell, South Dunedin Business Association

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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12 responses to “DScene: Michael Guest ‘ruled out standing for mayor, saying he had never considered it’ (page 6)

  1. Elizabeth

    Further to the D Scene story on Michael Guest’s lack of a practising certificate:

    ### ODT Online Fri, 26 Mar 2010
    No practising certificate issued for Guest
    By Mark Price
    Neither the New Zealand Law Society nor Michael Guest is willing to say why he still has not been issued with a practising certificate so he can resume work as a lawyer … Mr Guest, a former district court judge, was struck off in December 2001 on two counts of professional misconduct involving lying to a client and taking $25,000 more of her funds for costs than he was entitled to.
    Read more

  2. The reasons why Michel Guest has not yet been issued with a practising certificate can be deduced from the way the issue has progressed. The panel hearing his reinstatement application, listened to all points of view, not least of which was the opposition of the NZ Law Society. It then declared that Guest’s application should be granted, but with the provisos that he cannot directly tout for business, but can only receive briefs to act from practising barristers and solicitors. Further, he is not able to directly charge for services, but only submit accounts through the commissioning office.
    These restrictions confine his ability to practice, to the whims of the trade. No commissions, no business. The profession has operated throughout Guest’s “lost fifties” without him so why would they need him now?
    Another salient point is the two telling comments made by the society’s barrister Mr Len Anderson that, “Mr Guest had to demonstrate he was a fit and proper person to be reinstated and that he no longer ‘possesses the disqualifying character’ which led to him being struck off.” He also said “Assurances have been given in the past that have not been kept.”
    That suggests to me that the society still has reservations as to Guest’s qualifying.
    Don’t expect to see Mr Guest hanging up his shingle anytime soon.
    Remaining on council is his best hope of generating an income, so watch for a concerted effort at re-election.

  3. I note with interest that… “a fit and proper person” is not defined in the NZ Law Society’s Rules. It puzzles me how the Law Society can alude to such a subjective criticism of Mr Guest ?
    Correct me if I am wrong but the case whereby it is assumed that Mr Guest over charged by $25,000.00 was a case that no other lawyer was prepared to take. Mr Guest took the case despite the odds and despite the unlikelihood of obtaining Legal Aid which we know is not guaranteed, especially if the chances of success are remote.
    From the facts, the unlikelihood of gaining Legal Aid was depicted by many of the lawyers whom the plaintiff had under no avail, originally approached for help .
    Unfortunately no one except Mr Guest had the gonads to pursue the plaintiff’s case. Maybe all these other lawyers whom the plaintiff approached for help should all be castigated and stuck off?
    The irony is that Mr Guest won the case for the plaintiff, who as a result obtained an exorbitant amount from the defendant.
    I used to have so much faith in our legal system, I also believed that Justice had to be seen to be done. Justice has not at all been served in this instance. We have a gentleman who has virtually lost his entire career for the sake of representing a plaintiff whom as mentioned, no other lawyer gave her the time of day for.
    It is without doubt that Mr Guest is a pillar of society and a person to whom we could all learn so much from.

  4. Anonymous

    Please note: this is May 5th, not April 1st.

  5. Russell Garbutt

    Tania, I can only assume that this is an elaborate parody or that you are closely related to Michael Guest.

    If either is not the case, then you should take the time to search out the Disciplinary documentation which sets out in a very plain way, the significant concerns that the Law Society had, and I assume has, over the activities of Michael Guest. They were not impressed and I think it fair to say that many others were not impressed either.

    At the end of the day neither were the voters of Dunedin who consigned Michael Guest to the position that they adjudged right and proper.

    You may also care to seek out the people that chose to support Michael Guest and what they wrote about him and figure out whether those people’s judgement should also be bought into question.

    I also think you may be confusing pillar with a very similar sounding word.

  6. Phil

    I’m a bit confused by the defence’s argument. The facts of the case, or anything related to the case, are irrelevant. The simple issue is the Mr Guest, in a position of authority, took money from someone whom he knew he was not entitled to take money from. In doing so, he lost the trust of his professional peers. The reasons as to why he willingly chose to do so (and it was a deliberate action) don’t come in to it.

  7. Anonymous

    Michael Guest
    ‘However, Mr Guest said when contacted the provisions identified by the law society were spelled out on the website and in the documents when downloaded.’
    ‘Footnote: Last night the website was not offering a service to New Zealanders.’

    Andrew Guest
    ‘Mr Guest, of Auckland, pulled out of the deal in January 2008, saying the purchase had not been approved by the directors of Arcadia Homes. Justice French found Mr Guest was the sole director of Arcadia Homes and the December sale and purchase contract was legally binding.’
    ‘But Arcadia Homes went into liquidation almost three weeks ago, shortly after Justice French made her decision.’

    Really quite interesting. Doesn’t help my belief in lawyers though.

    I still wish more of the Stadium Councillors had been thrown out at the last election. Even a couple more may have been the difference. So much financial harm has been added since. That amount bandied about for a recount was a pittance compared to the costs they and the New Stadium Mayor have added since.

    • Remember barrister Andrew Guest, ultra-close family to defrocked lawyer Michael Guest (formerly of Dunedin, now Wanaka).

      SST 14-4-13 (page D5) Andrew Guest 1Sunday Star-Times, 14 April 2013 (Business News, page D7)

  8. ### ODT Online Wed, 18 Dec 2013
    Guest applies to return to law
    By Eileen Goodwin
    Former district court judge Michael Guest has applied to practise law again. A notice placed by the New Zealand Law Society in Law Talk magazine called for any objections to Mr Guest’s application, or to any of the other named applicants. The cut-off date for objections was last Thursday.
    Read more


    Have to hope that members of the law profession if not the Otago branch of the New Zealand Law Society have done their duty and objected to Guest’s application. Unfortunately, a good many members of the public with an avid interest in never seeing Guest ‘re-frocked’ may not read the Society journal!


    Recent comment:

    Submitted on 2013/12/02 at 1:56 pm

    I was sifting through old comments… a refresher, people.
    One of the few occasions M. Guest turned up here.

    Councillor Mike Guest
    Submitted on 2009/01/27 at 9:03 pm

    I have stated the true figures above. The large majority of ratepayers in Dunedin will pay much, much less than $2 per week. A completed Stadium of this calibre will complete a beautiful crescent of new City projects from the Chinese Garden, through the much enhanced Settlers’ Museum, along a gentrified Anzac Avenue, past a multi purpose Stadium to a completely re-vamped Logan Park Development including an expanded First Class cricket ground. Completion of Stage 1 of the Harbourside redevelopment around the Harbour Basin will just add to the re-development of this whole area. It will enhance the whole City providing first class facilities over a whole range of activities. It will revitalise the City for young and old and the improvements will still be around in 100 years. This is the time to rejoice if it all goes ahead. To be sure, they are large projects but they are affordable if citizens are prepared to do their bit like generations gone by. I never paid for Moana Pool, but my parents did. I never paid for major roading projects and recreational facilities, but my grandparents did. I never planted and nurtured the Town Belt and the Gardens, but my great grandparents did. Even on our current 10 year Plan, the rate increases proposed for the last 4 years are an average of 2.5% per annum. Hardly doom and gloom.


    Other mentions of Mr Guest at What if? Dunedin:

    Calvin Oaten
    Submitted on 2013/07/11 at 5:26 pm

    Another point, but ‘bloody stupid’ all the same. Was it serendipity that Michael Guest was aired on TV3 on Wed night poncing around promoting himself at the time of the first David Bain trial? Then we see him mentioned on page 36 in Thursday’s ODT cited in an unholy arrangement with his fellow crooked siblings. The crook can’t help himself.


    Calvin Oaten
    Submitted on 2013/04/28 at 11:54 am

    Hype; you could check this out with Michael Guest. It was rumoured once, that he put washers into a pokie machine in the Normanby pub many years ago. Allegedly, he was banned. Now I can only say that is the rumour.


    Mike [not ‘Mike Guest’]
    Submitted on 2013/01/30 at 6:59 pm

    I think that it’s important not to just let this sort of thing slide you have to make examples of people who go too far – Walls and Chin were sacked. If examples are not made others will do the same (“Mu-ummy, you let Tommy do it! why ca-an’t I-i”)

    This sort of declaration and standing back from working in the council when there’s a conflict should be standard operating practice, it shouldn’t be a surprise, nor is there anything wrong with it – if you actually do it. The real surprise is that it isn’t happening much.

    Amanda: I’m not so worried about Acklin – after his second drunk driving conviction and his company going under with a huge tax debt – I think he’s the Michael Guest of this upcoming election


    Calvin Oaten
    Submitted on 2013/01/04 at 10:28 am

    The whole ‘JWD’ argument is “Nanny State” writ large. The ‘meddlers and ‘improvers’ just have to put the world to right. And when in Dunedin’s case it is being done by foolish people in concert, everything turns to custard.

    If anyone bothered to go back a decade or two and revisit some of the unbelievable comments made around council table on any subject you wish to name it is staggering. Mayor Chin when confronted with the sell out of Dunedin’s water use to Trustpower said: “Oops, sorry, but I didn’t read the document before signing it.” Cr Michael Guest, on the Stadium debate said: “I can assure the citizens that in six weeks time it will be announced that funding will be available and the ratepayers won’t be paying anything.” When pressed for more information he said: “I heard it by pressing a jam jar against the wall.” Shortly after, what was left of his reputation was finally shredded by his own ‘Law Society’. In extolling the benefits of the Stadium to councillors, Malcolm Farry stated: “There would be an economic benefit to the region of $20 million per year. There would be an increase to the student role of 500 because of the Stadium.” Cont/


    Submitted on 2013/01/02 at 11:55 pm | In reply to Anonymous.

    Ever since ODT posted that photo of Michael Guest in the sewer, we’ve been getting untold searches of his name here.


    Submitted on 2012/12/29 at 1:05 pm

    Weren’t there recent comments about moving the current crop of councillors to a bunker for the city’s protection? Interestingly, the Oddity found a picture of former Stadium Councillor Michael Guest lurking in the sewer tunnels with current Stadium Councillor Andrew Noone. Plenty of opportunity there for comments about muck, poo and damned things thriving in the dark. And based on the artist’s rendition – as noted by ffolkes – it appears to give a clue to where the council’s skeletons are being buried.


    Submitted on 2012/10/10 at 8:06 am

    Hundreds of submissions against the council’s preferred outcome never got in the way of former Stadium Councillor Michael Guest. Cont/


    Submitted on 2012/10/06 at 10:51 am

    There’s a memory banished to a dark place. At least one benefit of this public submission process will be the absence of Michael Guest. Most who have disagreed with his position on something will remember why that is a wonderful thing for the people raising concerns over this matter.


    Calvin Oaten
    Submitted on 2012/06/21 at 5:11 pm

    Talk of the resurfacing of ghosts of the past, I see the ‘crooked lawyer Michael Guest’ has been back at his trade in Wanaka. He advocated for a Filipino mechanic in an unjustified dismissal case. The mechanic was awarded a total of $12,216 in lost wages, compensation and costs. You would wonder how much he gets to keep after Guest plunders him. The price of a ‘pizza’ I shouldn’t wonder.


    Submitted on 2012/04/19 at 4:30 pm

    Let’s not forget stories like these – because John Key will want you to:

    Stuff are too afraid to enable posts under its stories on this topic and ODT doesn’t appear to be running the APNZ articles which demonstrate how gambling affects the community. Can’t have society’s problems affecting its support of professional rugby.

    This agenda stinks as bad as Michael Guest’s involvement in the sinking lid policy on pokies here in Dunedin. Hundreds of submissions were received in favour of the sinking lid policy but were rejected in support of the council’s “status quo”. Cont/


    Hype O’Thermia
    Submitted on 2012/03/11 at 10:56 am

    From http://www.odt.co.nz/lifestyle/magazine/200790/keeping-it-all-above-board

    “With a variety of New Zealand’s directors busy standing in the dock of various courtrooms around the country at present, the Otago Daily Times was curious to find out how directors are appointed and about the qualities they should have – starting with the interim chairman, Shale.
    Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull believes Shale’s name was one suggested by the author of the Larsen report, Warren Larsen, as one of “a handful” of potential candidates.
    Mr Cull says Shale’s name “came to the top” because he is president of the Institute of Directors, while Bayliss was local and considered “extremely experienced and highly thought of”.
    And it helped that one (Shale) was a lawyer and the other an accountant.”

    I wonder if Mayor Cull remembers the councillor Michael Guest who was a lawyer. Cont/


    Submitted on 2011/09/09 at 10:32 am | In reply to Elizabeth.

    ### ODT Online Thu, 08/09/2011 – 6:08pm.
    Comment by TheWatcher on In case we forget at the elections
    From the ODT, 21 April, 2009: What they said
    • Cr Teresa Stevenson likened the stadium debate to a war, and said during a war people used “hard tactics”, like Stop the Stadium’s decision to take the council to court.
    • Deputy mayor Syd Brown said building Moana Pool and shifting the art gallery from Logan Park to the Octagon had caused the same sort of debate as the stadium had, and nobody would want to turn back the clock on those issues.
    • Cr Neil Collins said if the city did not support projects such as the stadium it was “buying into decline”.
    • Cr Michael Guest said he wished people opposed to the stadium would listen to the support for it by University of Otago vice-chancellor Prof David Skegg, one of Dunedin’s leading academics. Cont/


    Submitted on 2011/05/10 at 10:22 pm | In reply to Russell Garbutt.

    I have filed every legal decision against Michael Guest for posterity


    Russell Garbutt
    Submitted on 2011/05/10 at 8:24 pm

    Tania, I can only assume that this is an elaborate parody or that you are closely related to Michael Guest.

    If either is not the case, then you should take the time to search out the Disciplinary documentation which sets out in a very plain way, the significant concerns that the Law Society had, and I assume has, over the activities of Michael Guest. They were not impressed and I think it fair to say that many others were not impressed either.

    At the end of the day neither were the voters of Dunedin who consigned Michael Guest to the position that they adjudged right and proper.

    You may also care to seek out the people that chose to support Michael Guest and what they wrote about him and figure out whether those people’s judgement should also be bought into question.

    I also think you may be confusing pillar with a very similar sounding word.


    On and on it goes, Mr Guest leaves a foul taste.

  9. Once again Michael Guest buries his pride (not that he ever had any) and grovels to the Law Society for his “ticket to ride” and get into some more poor innocents’ pockets. Surely, with what he has been credited with achieving in the past (without, as I understand full reimbursement) to be allowed to get “back on the game” would be an absolute travesty of justice.

    • That Guest got front page notoriety at ODT tree version today is both good and bad. Might have been er, useful if reporters had provided an alert about the application in time for the public to make objections – you can’t tell me the newspaper’s more respectable lawyer friends weren’t aware before today of the closing date. Hope someone can wipe the floor with him.

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