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Hotel racket will send RWC tourists home

New Zealand business reveals its immaturity, again.

### 3news.co.nz Thu, 11 Mar 2010 5:42p.m.
Hotel prices sky-high for Rugby World Cup
By Dan Parker
Australia’s two largest sports travel agents have accused New Zealand hotels of trying to rip off rugby fans by charging exorbitant prices for accommodation during the World Cup. The agents say rather than pay the prices, Australian fans will fly in for the games and fly home straight after.

“We have been offered hotels in Hamilton for example, that are Ibis hotels, $700 a night,” says Sam Harrison. “And normally $60 or $100 a night, so it’s just ridiculous.”

Australian sport tours claims are backed up by the official ticket and tour partner of the Australia Rugby Union, We Love Rugby.

“Word is starting to get out, and as a result many people are asking about flying in on the day and flying back out because they don’t want to be ripped off,” says Warren Livingstone.
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Key and Hide root Super City

If we meant roof we would say so.

Prime Minister John Key and Local Government Minister Rodney Hide have been scathing of the number and duplication of the existing council-controlled organisations in Auckland.

### nzherald.co.nz Thursday Mar 11, 2010
Ballet and rugby under one roof
Dozens of directors who run Auckland’s cultural and sporting facilities look set to be dumped by the Government for a handful of directors to control everything from ballet in the Aotea Centre to rugby fixtures at North Harbour Stadium. The agency designing the Super City is working on winding up 16 major arts and other regional facilities to create a single major regional facilities council-controlled organisation for the Super City. The new CCO, with a board of about eight directors, will be responsible for most of Auckland’s iconic facilities, such as Auckland Museum, Auckland Zoo and Motat, cultural facilities like The Edge and Bruce Mason Centre, and major stadiums, including Mt Smart and North Harbour. The directors will need to make calls on risky musicals, decide on a new herd of elephants at Auckland Zoo, deal with the Warriors at Mt Smart Stadium and manage controversial museum director Vanda Vitali.

The Auckland Transitional Authority yesterday supplied the Herald with a list of 34 CCO or similar models currently active in Auckland.

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ORC: Ports merger only approved if it benefits Otago

It would be wrong not to consult the port’s owners, the ratepayers, over merging with another port.

### ODT Online Thu, 11 Mar 2010
Public consultation over merger of ports
By Eileen Goodwin
Otago Regional councillors yesterday voted to consult the public over a possible merger between Port Otago and Lyttelton Port, despite deeming such a move to be insignificant. Port Otago is expected to make a formal recommendation on a merger proposal to the regional council this year.
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Facebook. The DCC has lost the plot.

Discussion Board Topic:
The selling of the stadium since 2006
Compiled by Justin Miller. {Page no longer available. – Eds}

Worth a read. Remind yourself of the weird and wonderful claims made by the stadium project makers, when they don’t have a PR company to control runaway tongues or egos.

[The Facebook page might have gone but listen to this: https://soundcloud.com/christopherkeogh/the-dcc-has-lost-the-plot%5D

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