The Kills x4 +1 #music

Domino Recording Co. Uploaded on Dec 10, 2007
The Kills – U R A Fever (2008)
Video for U R A Fever, first single to come off the band’s third album, out March 2008.

organicunity Uploaded on Jul 20, 2009
The Kills – Superpowerless
Homemade video of Superpowerless by The Kills.

Domino Recording Co. Uploaded on Jan 18, 2012
The Kills – The Last Goodbye
The Kills celebrate their ten year anniversary this poignant and playful video for ‘The Last Goodbye’, taken from their album ‘Blood Pressures’. Directed by the Oscar nominated actress Samantha Morton, who made her directorial feature debut with the critically acclaimed ‘The Unloved’, this is her first music video. Shot in monochrome on crisp, silvery 35mm, the video reflects the beautiful simplicity of the track, with an old-school photo booth providing an intimate backdrop for Mosshart’s intense and heart-warming opening performance followed by a series of touching to-camera poses reflecting the musicians’ longstanding, spirited friendship.

TheKillsVEVO Published on Mar 1, 2016
The Kills – Doing It To Death (Official Video)
Taken from “Ash & Ice” — the brand new album from The Kills, out June 3rd 2016. Directed by Wendy Morgan.

Yordana Jakobsen Uploaded on Jun 26, 2010
The Kills – I Put A Spell On You (Screaming Jay Hawkins Cover) audio

Wikipedia: The Kills
The Kills are an indie rock band formed by American singer Alison Mosshart (“VV”) and British guitarist Jamie Hince (“Hotel”). Their first four albums, Keep On Your Mean Side, No Wow, Midnight Boom, and Blood Pressures, have garnered critical praise. Ash & Ice, their fifth and most recent studio album is set to be released on June 3, 2016. Wanting to cut themselves off from their pasts, Mosshart and Hince renamed themselves “VV” and “Hotel”, respectively. Hince said that he and Mosshart “got drunk one day and named each other off the top of our heads as a stupid romantic ode to the pop art scene.” Later, after each wrote multiple band name ideas on typewriters, Mosshart and Hince decided on a new name, The Kills. Together, they began writing sparse, minimalist songs with the aid of a drum machine.

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  1. Very interesting. ‘Spell’ was a staple of British R & B, like The Animals, Georgie Fame, Alan Price. ‘Screaming’ Jay Hawkins was great, ‘Screaming’ Lord Sutch a politician.

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