Crashed demobilised: picked a bone

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Made a great job of this last Wednesday, during the flood.
Here’s the splintered base of what was once a good bone, oh well. I didn’t even have the pleasure of going skiing to make it happen. The excitement was caused at home, in the dry!

Xray Urgent Doctors - Kerr 6.6.15 splintered left fibula (resized scanofphotocopy)Xray Urgent Doctors – EJ Kerr 6.6.15 Splintered fibula surrounded by swollen tissue (scan of photocopy)

Taking a flash drive with me this week for jpg file from next Xray(s).

Fibula - anterior view []Fibula - animation [Wikipedia]
Wikipedia: Fibula

. . . .

No sandbagging at South Dunedin for me —just like Mayor Cull!?

Submitted on 2015/06/06 at 5:50 pm | In reply to Calvin Oaten.
Calvin, welcome back to HAVOC.
To this I will add one item that is none of your concern at all. Totally off topic. I have been rendered stationary for 2-3 months (!!!) as a result of what I thought was just an ankle inversion sprain on Wednesday morning – nope, Xray today shows very unstable fracture, a splintered base to left fibula (Xray picture is outstanding). No-one seems to know why I feel no pain. Hooray. Now wearing moonboot fulltime, using crutches – classic stuff, not flooded maybe, but upstairs apartment dweller hell. Up/down stairs is by seat of pants, literally, for weekly Xrays. ACC claim for household help and more ahead. If I don’t follow orders and the thing splinters apart then I’m to be hospitalised – that sort of week at Dunners. A first, no previous breaks – for me quite funny as challenges go. This will keep me up to speed at What if? and other sites – and my research reading is going to be ACE undisturbed for months. Semi-hibernation.
Not the same, nor nearly as bad, as dealing to a flooded home(s) with vulnerable families and residents of South Dunedin.

Hype O’Thermia
Submitted on 2015/06/07 at 2:22 am
Are you in plaster of paris type plaster? Maximum inconvenience! Fibreglass rocks, soon as I was f’glassed I was driving and doing normal things like making a drink and being able to carry it away from the kitchen bench……
Sounds like a nasty break. There’s not a lot to be said in favour of splintering bone. Mine – same bone but uncomplicated.
I hope you heal up as well as I did. I was lucky. Here’s hoping you are too.]

Submitted on 2015/06/07 at 3:35 am | In reply to Hype O’Thermia.
No they decided against plaster and gave me very cool black figlas-strengthened moonboot that must not come off. Not allowed to put any weight on left foot at all for 2-3 months, very nasty splinter/shatter, graphic even. Caused by full torsion on impact with floor, quite the worst landing I’ve ever made. Lucky that the bone splinters haven’t sheered off, not yet anyway. Crutches and mobile armless desk chair is the only driving I’ll be doing for next months, wheel chair for longer journeys!

Hype O’Thermia
Submitted on 2015/06/07 at 3:49 am | In reply to Elizabeth.
Ooh aah, not fun.
Showering’s a riot, wanna put out a request for plastic bags for the foot-swathing that’s necessary?

Submitted on 2015/06/07 at 9:53 am | In reply to Hype O’Thermia.
If she has a moonboot likely she can slip it off for showers with care

Submitted on 2015/06/07 at 10:59 am | In reply to Mike.
Mike, can’t remove boot, very unstable fracture – doctors orders. Maybe if after bone mend clearly advancing, on instruction of fracture clinic (weekly visits).

Submitted on 2015/06/07 at 9:57 am | In reply to Hype O’Thermia.
No showering allowed, sponge bathing from here on out.

Submitted on 2015/06/07 at 9:51 am | In reply to Elizabeth.
Having been there relatively recently I recommend getting ACC to rent you a “knee scooter” to get around the house (assuming you are all on one level) they are silly looking things and more useful than you can imagine.
When the time comes to start putting weight on it spend some of your ACC physio resources to get someone to spend a couple of sessions at the physio pool giving you exercises to do. The pool’s great advantage is that you can easily control the amount of weight you place on the foot by how far you are in the pool from next to nothing when you start to almost nothing at the end. I went everyday for three months.

Submitted on 2015/06/07 at 11:00 am | In reply to Mike.
Great advice, will check all this out !! Have prior experience at pool for back and foot injuries requiring no weight loading, twenty years ago. Normally robust individual, good to share ideas in case others find themselves in similar situations and grounding :)

Hype O’Thermia
Submitted on 2015/06/07 at 12:01 pm
When I was supposed to spend as much time as poss with foot elevated I took food & thermos back to bed (radio, books, TV all within reach) and propped leg on a beanbag cushion. It was good for sleeping too, the leg nestles into it and didn’t slip off while I was asleep.

Submitted on 2015/06/07 at 1:38 pm | In reply to Mike.
I should add that I recently gave the physio pool fund a 4-figure donation – they were so useful to me in my recovery they were worth far more than that to me – really ACC should be dropping some cash on their appeal – the alternative is the movie trope of the person learning to walk again on the parallel bars, and being caught by the physio when they fall …. if the pool goes they’ll essentially have to replace it with lots of physios catching people ….
The “Moana will do” people misunderstand that Moana has no careful stairway access (where you can abandon your crutches on your way down) and the wrong depth profiles for self supported exercise – the physio pool is 1/2 gentle slope so you can carefully match the support you need from the water with 1/4 of the pool essentially available for rehabilitation while sharing it with people using it for exercise of various types.
I don’t much care about how pretty the changing rooms are – that’s not why I used the pool – the existing ones are perfectly serviceable, the showers are hard to navigate on one foot (but use the disabled ones) – IMHO a few more hand rails are all they need.

Submitted on 2015/06/07 at 2:00 pm | In reply to Mike.
Another great breakdown for the physio pool merits. Thanks.

One day I might get to the Physio Pool —hopefully, with avoidance of hospitalisation in the meantime.

Dunedin Physio Pool [] 1Dunedin Physio Pool, 140 Hanover Street. Photo:

ODT 7.6.15 Comradeship and health benefits too
For Dunedin twins Stephen and Allan Facer, the Otago Therapeutic Pool is about more than injury recovery. It’s a place to heal and keep fit, but also to socialise as part of a keen group of regulars hitting the water at the pool.
Read more

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18 responses to “Crashed demobilised: picked a bone

  1. Ray

    Sorry to hear you had that bad break. I feel better now my breaks have healed. But I should, they were in 2009! Just to say I sympathise. Make sure people run around after you and you heal well before you do anything rash!

    • Elizabeth

      Ray, thanks for that! People are being very kind in this early part before all the forms are filled and some idea of home help is worked out.
      Naturally, quite a bit of ribbing going on!! :) Still laughing at myself, but amazing how many round here, young and older, have had a bad fall injury not that long ago.

  2. Elizabeth

    Thanks Mike (see your comment at post), gonna get me one by hire. Perfect.

    Kneescooters + Videos

  3. Elizabeth

    Moonboot swapped for plaster, unexpected call from Fracture Clinic…. “come in today asap, shouldn’t have been given a moonboot”…. I am thinking about the risk that wasn’t managed by Urgent Doctors on Saturday….

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Must say I was surprised by your original message re moon boot.
      Urgent Doctors more urgent than competent, perhaps?

      • Elizabeth

        Will be investigating. Lots of time to write a formal letter. They do call themselves Urgent Doctors and Accident Centre !!

  4. Elizabeth

    Sincere thanks to the thoughtful senior medical student from City Rise, walking up Pitt St yesterday, who stopped to assist last stage of wheelchair egress through my neighbour’s property to waiting car at street. Nice gesture!

    Marvellous too, a salvation (!!) when no other agency I was dealing with yesterday could provide, at very short notice, a wheel chair or stable walking frame to get me to the Fracture Clinic in Hanover St. The good staff at Ross Home Reception lent me what looked like a brand new wheelchair (returned this afternoon, a little later than planned). Very grateful.

    M, thanks for everything.
    C, saved the bacon today. Just perfect.

    Mobility Solutions Centre at Dunedin gave out on hire to me, their last kneescooter in stock, and ensured it was delivered well before 5pm. Made me smile :)

    • Mike

      ah they were the name I was trying to recall and point you at for knee-scooter hire – now you have to restrain yourself and not zoom around the house too fast

      • Elizabeth

        Mike, might need to develop a toughened maid’s knee first for complete comfort… Really good machine – ACC seem keen to provide one, will know more next week.
        Now cast has dried had first proper shower, plastic bags sealed off around knee with cling film (not glad wrap) did the job perfectly – no water to cast. Tick.

  5. Elizabeth

    My first outing today by taxi and knee scooter (branded, the “Spry Knee Cruzer”) to fracture clinic and return – this is not something DCC has to Fix, Gurglars!!! Anyway, piece of cake. Bone and plaster cast doing what they should. Another Xray next Tuesday.

    Then I read this, a stadium before Disability Access.

    ### ODT Online Tue, 16 Jun 2015
    Wheelchair user upset about footpath hazards
    By Ollie Ritchie
    Wheelchair access to footpaths in  the Dunedin suburb of Mornington has been labelled “incredibly dangerous”. Wheelchair users say they are being forced on to roads because the kerbs leading on to footpaths are too dangerous to use.
    Read more

  6. Elizabeth

    On Friday we returned home after shopping only to find a young blonde (in her twenties) in a Mini Cooper occupying our on-street Resident Only parking spot. We pulled up alongside and politely asked her to move; she did not. We received some invective and her decision to make a long phone call on her smartphone. We waited, we took photos.

    This one’s for the frosted blonde bimbo with the hard orange tan, and SFA between the ears.


    • Peter

      LOL. The beauty of direct action. Hope there is a sequel.
      Love that comedy stunt where the aggrieved rams the car owner at fault.

    • Gurglars

      On behalf of all the blonde bimbos Elizabeth, I’m going to have to pass this correspondence on to the DCC for action. They will now employ two persons to evaluate the slur, a team leader to manage the two persons and a senior manager to manage the manager. Everyone in the DCC will get a pay rise from the remuneration authority as the DCC staff numbers went from zillions to zillions+ 4, so don’t go telling me that the DCC are not involved!

  7. Elizabeth

    Peter and Gurglars, you crack me up!

    [entirely an accident I got her face in the wing mirror, or that photos enlarge on screen – don’t really know how to use a camera or angles of incidence for detective work, god’s honest truth] *smirk

  8. Calvin Oaten

    Did she move?

  9. Elizabeth

    New waterproof synthetic below knee cast fitted only Tuesday about to be cut off / removed tonight at Urgent Doctors & Accident Centre. Subcutaneous nerve engaged causing numbness and tingling in fourth toe, with associated block movement of toes on left foot, as opposed to individual toe movement. To be fitted with boot for overnight. Return to Fracture Clinic in the morning…. drama, not major…

    • Elizabeth

      One hour to get fibreglass cast off….should have taken 20 minutes, what an ordeal.
      New cast tomorrow.

      [update 3/7/15 – no new cast, told to wear a moonboot….]

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